How to wirelessly mirror the screen on a WindowsXP computer

Wirelessly mirror the screen on WindowsXP

Wirelessly mirror screen on WindowsXP

A netizen on Zhihu asked: “How to wirelessly mirror video to TV with computer system XP?”
Then the following group said to download mirror software…
Today, the editor of AWIND will introduce to you how to screen wirelessly on WindowsXP computers.

First of all: WindowsXP computers do not support various mirroring software.

The WindowsXP system has been far away from us for too long,
For a long time now, many mirroring software no longer consider compatibility with WindowsXP system.
Windows XP stopped updating in 2014,
That is to say, the screen mirroring device manufacturers produced before 2014 must be compatible with the Windows XP system.

Wirelessly mirror screen on WindowsXP

How to wirelessly mirror the screen on a WindowsXP computer

Then: choose the screen projector compatible with WindowsXP

There are still some screen projectors on the market that can solve the wireless screen projection of Windows XP computers, but there are two requirements:

1. It has been a screen mirrorer for more than 10 years, because manufacturers more than a decade ago would consider compatibility with Windows XP.

2. Professional production of screen mirrors for conferences. At present, ordinary household screen mirroring devices are definitely not supported, because it is just a simple Miracast protocol, and the XP system is definitely not compatible with Miracast protocol.

Windows XP screen mirror

AWIND was established in 2003, very early, so the screen mirroring device we made is compatible with WindowsXP computers. We communicated with the customer service and expressed the need for wireless projection from WindowsXP computers, and then let them recommend it to you.

As long as the screen mirroring system is compatible with the Windows XP system,
Then there is no difference between WindowsXP computer wireless projection and Win7/Win8/Win10.

1. Connect the receiving end of the projector to the large screen via HDMI cable;

2. Plug the HDMI button into the host computer,
It needs to be activated in [My Computer],
Wait for the indicator light to light up, press the button
(The Windows XP system cannot be driven automatically. It needs to be driven manually for the first use, and then it is unnecessary for the next use.)

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