Wireless screen transmission, no “wire” wonderful

Wireless screen transmission, no “wire” wonderful

In the Internet age, every technological breakthrough and innovation is based on the needs of the market and users.

With the rapid improvement of network transmission speed and the development of wireless wireless projection technology, it finally brings a more convenient projection experience, provides a better foundation for modern intelligent office, and improves the office efficiency and experience of users.

At a certain level, the application of wireless screen transmission technology in business meeting rooms is tantamount to a “scene revolution” in business applications.

Wireless screen transmission

Wireless screen transmission, unlimited demand space

In recent years, traditional enterprises have begun to transform and upgrade to intelligent office.

Improving corporate efficiency and improving office quality is a major core.

Wireless projection technology can effectively solve corporate problems.

Business projectors, smart all-in-ones, and splicing screens are very common as large display screens in corporate office scenes, while our office equipment is traditional mobile phones, tablets, computers and other equipment.

Therefore, in many cases, the large display screen requires an external information source, and too many wires are used to connect the devices, which restricts the efficiency of the meeting to a certain extent.

Therefore, the demand for wireless screen transmission has unlimited space in business meeting rooms.

AWIND uses mature Internet technology and wireless projection technology to greatly improve office efficiency, eliminating the cumbersome front-end and foreshadowing of the meeting, improving the communication experience and quality of the meeting, and providing more for the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise in the intelligent era. Excellent solution.

Wireless screen transmission, no “wire” wonderful

Since its establishment in 2003, AWIND has been positioned as the ” wireless screen transmission in business meeting rooms and multimedia classrooms ,

With high stability, high reliability, high interactivity, and versatility as the goal, and wireless sharing and collaboration as the criterion.

After 17 years of precipitation, it has become a leader in the field of wireless screen transmission. At present,

AWIND’s wireless screen projector serves hundreds of thousands of meeting rooms.

On August 18, 2020, with the theme of “intelligent office, no line” and “exciting”,

AWIND released online the “Remote LAN Broadcast Program”, “Live Server Multi-device Simultaneous Display Program”, and “RTSP Multiple Transceivers” online. “Equipment Simultaneous Display Program”.


Relying on keen market insight and determination to upgrade product technology,

AWIND has always maintained extremely high requirements and standards for products, and constantly strives to improve its product differentiation and cost-effectiveness,

Bringing better product use experience, and continuing to walk in The industry front-end in the field of wireless sharing and collaboration. “Everything from the user’s point of view” and “users have needs, strange machines have solutions”, wireless screen transmission, you just need, and I am just professional.

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