Wireless screen projector is like a WIFI box at home

Wireless screen projector is like a WIFI box at home

Today, when talking to a customer who is doing foreign trade about the product, the customer said, “I think the wireless projector is very similar to our home WiFi box?” It was speechless in an instant! But let’s talk to you about popular science, why did the wireless projector choose the shape of the WIFI box?

Wireless screen projector

1. The wireless projector is also a product under the wireless transmission category. Choosing the shape of the WIFI box is more conducive to the transmission of WIFI signals;

2. The wireless screen projector comes with AP hotspot, which can project screen in an environment without a network;

3. The power standard of the wireless projector is the same as the WIFI box, and there is a WIFI frequency limit.

4. The wireless projection box appeared later than the WIFI box. Maybe the designer at that time was dozing off…………

Black cats and white cats are good cats that can catch mice. The same is true for wireless projectors. No matter what kind of shape, the role of wireless projectors is the same. Wireless transmission, through wireless WIFI signal, realizes our size Multi-screen interaction on the screen and sharing and collaboration in meetings.

Wireless projection

Make a user consultation simulation: Take the AWIND wireless projector as an example:

Question 1: Is the operation of the wireless screen projector cumbersome?

Answer: The wireless projector is different from the previous projectors. It requires cumbersome wiring and is time-consuming and laborious to operate. The wireless projector adopts the video transmission protocol, which can transmit the video on the mobile phone or computer to the large screen through the wireless network. The screen projector only needs to be paired for the first time, and there is no need to pair it again in the future. You can cast the screen with one tap! Product pairing: Just plug the small electronics into the receiving end for about 10 seconds, and the small electronics will have a steady green light.

Question 2: Is the picture quality of the wireless screen projector clear?

Answer: The wireless screen projector adds “hardware encoding screen transmission”, supports high-definition audio and video synchronization, almost lossless transmission, colleagues support H264, codec transmission screen, image quality and transmission rate can be optimized, and currently supports 1080P ultra-high-definition transmission , 1080P picture quality definition can meet most of the needs of the current market.

Question 3: Can the wireless projector only use one device to project?

Answer: The wireless screen projector supports 4, 9 and other multi-split screens (4 means that 4 or less can be centrally controlled, and 4 to 9 can be displayed in 9-divided format). Mobile phones and computers can simultaneously cast screens. The large screen can be switched at will, which also creates convenience for speaking during the meeting. When anyone wants to speak, they can directly switch to the corresponding screen! Avoid pulling the line, all kinds of tedious steps, one step!

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