Wireless screen projection upgrade scheme of touch all in one machine

Wireless screen projection upgrade scheme of touch multimedia all in one machine

The solution is mainly provided to touch multimedia manufacturers and conference room customers with all-in-one machine.

At present, most of the touch all-in-one machines on the market do not carry the wireless screen projection function,

Therefore, AWIND introduced the “wireless projection upgrade scheme for touch all-in-one machine” to allow ordinary touch all-in-one machines to add wireless screen projection function.


Wireless screen projection upgrade

Wireless screen projection upgrade scheme of touch all in one machine


For all in one machine manufacturers:

Awind strange machine, provide the source code of projection module to touch all-in-one machine manufacturers,

All in one machine manufacturers only need to add mirror screen module in their system,

So that its production of all-in-one machine has the function of screen projection.

At present, some manufacturers have cooperated with awind. We welcome all manufacturers of all-in-one machine and large screen to consult.

For all in one machine users without screen projection function:

Awind has developed a special screen projection software,

Only need to install professional software receiver on the all-in-one machine, with exclusive transmitter button,

Can support Android, windows, Apple Devices LAN no line projection screen.

For touch all in one machine manufacturer’s solution

When we are in production, the built-in projection module enables all intelligent all-in-one machines to have wireless screen projection function; when using, as long as our mobile phone, tablet, computer and all-in-one machine are in the same local area network, the screen can be projected wirelessly.

For touch all in one machine users’ solutions:

Install the wireless screen projector to the back-end software app on the touch all-in-one machine in the form of software;

When you use the wireless touch screen, you can send the exclusive button

Sending end: USB key, HDMI key, type_ C key.


Wireless screen projection upgrade scheme of touch all in one machine


Note: different devices need different key sender


USB keys are mainly for computers;


HDMI button is aimed at multimedia devices with HDMI output function, such as computer, video booth, set-top box, DVD, camera, etc;


Type-C is mainly aimed at the tablet of computer phone with type-C video output function, which can support two-way reverse control.


As a wireless projector manufacturer with a history of 17 years, awind has a certain professional voice in the field of wireless projection.

For large screen manufacturers, it is a rare opportunity to expand product functions and enhance their large screen competitiveness.

For us, it is also a cross regional business expansion. Welcome to all major integrated machine manufacturers Home to negotiate, win-win cooperation.

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