Wireless screen projection function enables traditional devices to realize intelligence

Wireless screen projection function enables traditional devices to realize intelligence

With the development of wireless technology, the wireless screen products began to spread, and then take AWIND wireless presentation system, compact airframe design. Its connection mode is also very convenient, support for mobile phones, wireless computer screen, apple mobile phone, Win10 system and so on equipment use. Only one click, can quickly screen (typically within a minute), achieve 1080 p hd screen! Wireless screen projection enables the traditional equipment to realize intelligence, which is mainly manifested in two aspects.

One the one hand: Make smart devices intelligent

AWIND wireless presentation system supports AirPlay, DLNA, Miracast, WIFI_display, Rtsp/Rtmp, etc. Which means that you can throw your own screen onto the big screen wirelessly, regardless of whether your transmitter is a mobile phone, pad, laptop, computer, Internet camera, etc.

One the other hand: Make traditional devices intelligent

Large screens, such as traditional projectors, televisions, LED displays, and portrait advertisers, can also be used in wireless projection applications. In short, large screens can be used wirelessly as long as they have an HDMI interface (the large screen is the receiver).

As a professional multi-screen interaction bridge, the wireless presentation system is not only simple to use, but also fast, which is more due to the high compatibility of its wireless sharing and collaboration system. If only a single projection screen can meet the current meeting room, multimedia classroom applications? A variety of wireless sharing and collaboration systems make wireless projection in the current “field of business education” have a place.

Application of wireless projection function

When need to use the office scene projection, usually have to go through a VGA line or HDMI line to connect the computer, it is a must for wiring debugging in advance. AWIND wireless presentation system support Win10 computer screens, wireless can omit wiring time, also thoroughly abandon wire at the same time, the overall aesthetic of the meeting also has obvious improvement.

The connection method is very simple. Connect the wireless projector through the standard HDMI cable, and connect the other end to the TV or projection display screen. Plug the USB case into the computer and press the button, which is simple and convenient.

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