Wireless Screen Mirroring Options for Interactive Flat Panel Displays – Which is Best?

Wireless Screen Mirroring Options for Interactive Flat Panel Displays – Which is Best?

According to Futuresource, sales of interactive flat panel displays have nearly doubled since 2015 and are becoming more common in corporate and educational collaboration rooms where two-way communication is needed to get your ideas across.

Because of their size and weight, interactive panels are typically mounted on walls or rolling shelves. Where is the problem – where – and how – to use long HDMI cables for effective collaboration? Running cables on walls and floors can be expensive (and impractical), and it’s not very safe or convenient to drag cables around while moving displays around the room.

Awind A200 Wireless Presentation System

This presentation system has both HDMI and VGA outputs. If you want to split audio from an HDMI video source, the wireless presentation system includes discrete RCA and TOSLINK audio outputs and supports resolutions up to 1920×1200 or 1080p Perfect for media center or conference room desktop applications.

Simplify Your Digital Collaboration

Presentation centers help you improve office productivity by making it easier to collaborate and communicate. You can share and switch between up to eight different computers to view documents and multimedia content, eliminating the hassle of each user having to connect and disconnect each time they want to present information from their laptop.

Take notes and share files

The system further facilitates collaboration with innovative features that help capture discussions and ideas in meetings. You can write and draw directly on the content of your presentation or highlight areas of focus with the document marking feature.

The presentation system also allows you to transfer documents to other meeting participants or download documents from cloud applications such as Dropbox, so you can annotate presentation materials and then easily distribute the results of the discussion to colleagues.

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