Wireless screen mirroring makes meetings borderless

Wireless screen mirroring makes meetings borderless

Using a human analogy in a meeting room, the meeting room should be the brain. Let’s say that companies don’t pay attention to meetings. Now many corporate meeting rooms are well-equipped, including projectors, displays, speakers, microphones, cameras, whiteboards, etc. The debugging time is long, the audio-visual effect in the meeting is poor, and the presentation is inconvenient… After a meeting is started, the participants cannot be integrated into it. The efficiency of a meeting like a “political class” is naturally not as high as that.

Wireless screen mirroring makes meetings borderless

Wireless screen mirroring makes meetings borderless

With the birth of smart conference tablets in recent years, it is a major innovation in conference rooms. Through the seamless connection of the wireless projection screen and the smart conference tablet, the video, audiovisual and audio functions are integrated on the ultra-thin all-in-one machine. The connection of wireless screen mirroring technology can further stimulate the enthusiasm of the meeting and improve the efficiency of the meeting. A revolution in meeting mode.

1. Get rid of the shackles of “various lines”, the physical space has no boundaries

In daily office meetings and discussions, such screens often appear. Participants need to share the information on their computers, tablets, or mobile phones with other participants, change participants to share in the middle, and need to re-wire, and encounter incompatibility. The type of computer also needs to find a special adapter, because the use of HDMI and VGA cables to transmit PC signals requires repeated plugging and unplugging in a multi-person meeting, and while demonstrating the plan, you also need to comment on the whiteboard. You can’t modify it. The implementation of the changes is very inefficient and makes the meeting room seem messy.

Wireless projection screen replaces traditional cables with wireless technology, which not only saves various interfaces and cables, but also saves various debugging time.

2. Multi-screen comparison, no boundaries for conference presentations


In the traditional conference mode, one person completes the presentation and gives the stage to the next person. It is very inconvenient to compare data.

When the people in the conference room use the wireless projection function, everything will be different. AWIND wireless screen projection, supports 128 people at the same time to connect to the device in the background, supports 4 people to screen at the same time [four-screen display], wireless projection technology, so that the multi-screen comparison is clear at a glance.

3. “Interactive” meetings, where brains collide without boundaries

A traditional meeting is like a heavy “politics class”, a “teacher” and a group of “students”; the “teacher” speaks, and the “students” struggle with writing.

The seamless integration of wireless screen mirroring technology and smart conference tablet, because of its built-in smart whiteboard function, can be called up at any time, allowing it to freely write and modify with gestures without limitation, and efficiently annotate conference presentations and inspire inspiration Wanton jumped on the screen.

Wireless screen mirroring makes meetings borderless

Just being able to write is not enough. The appearance of AWIND wireless screen mirroring touch, return, and one-key note save functions, so that the computer in the wireless connection can directly control it on the large screen, and all operations are saved simultaneously. Change at both ends. Other participants who want to get the first-hand meeting records only need to scan the QR code after the meeting to take away all the edited content on the whiteboard and record all the meeting points.

The “interactive” meeting relieved the participants of the “worries” and changed the meeting from a “political class” to an “interactive” meeting, where everyone was a speaker. Wireless projection makes the meeting borderless, not only the change in the geographical space that we can see with the naked eye, but also the change in the meeting mode.

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