Is it really important for wireless screen mirroring to be free of drive?

Does wireless screen mirroring really matter without a drive?

Today, some netizens ask on Quara whether wireless screen mirroring devices are free or inevitable.
Today, I will introduce you to free drivers for wireless projectors

The difference between driver-free and the inevitable wireless screen mirroring is the sending end, which computers usually use. This button is not required for screen projection on mobile phones, tablets and other devices;
Generally speaking, the following points are different.

The difference between driver-free wireless screen mirroring and inevitable wireless screen mirroring

1. The difference in definition:

The sender of the driver-free wireless screen mirroring device is also known as the HDMI button in the industry, and the driver-free sender is the USB button with higher usage rate.

2. The difference on the interface:

The driver-free wireless screen projector has two ports, a USB port and a power port.

3. The difference in use:

When using the inevitable sending end (USB button), you need to press the button to cast the screen, and press the button to disconnect the screen. The drive-free button can be automatically run when plugged into the computer.

4. The difference in function:

AWIND’s driveless button can directly expand the screen, while the non-drive button needs to be set in the background to expand the screen. The difference is actually not big。

5. Price difference:

The price difference is not big, and the transmitter of AWIND’s driveless wireless projector is also tens of dollars more expensive than the inevitable drive.

Wireless screen mirror

Is it really important that wireless projectors have no drivers?

This usually needs to be based on user needs. For some special situations or devices that need to use driverless wireless screen mirroring buttons (such as cameras, high-speed cameras, etc.) as signal terminal devices, you need to use this driverless transmitter button. Most users will use non-driver programs by pressing A button does not need to be driven to perform wireless screen projection, just one click.

Special reminder: Do not use this button without driving force. As mentioned earlier, no drive button needs to be adapted to the power supply. Windows notebooks can be used directly, while MAC and desktop computers need to be equipped with mobile power supplies as external power supplies.

in short:

All choices are considered from the point of view of applicability. Whether to avoid floods requires specific analysis of the actual situation

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