Wireless screen Miracast operation of Win10PC

Wireless screen Miracast operation of Win10PC

Our previous multi-screen display technology has always used the cable link and the screen manufacturer to customize the splicing screen. Today I’m going to introduce you to a wireless 1+1 screen technology that doesn’t require you to buy any devices or download third-party software.

Win10PC 1+1 wireless Screen projection Technology Principle:

Windows10 provides an expression, or Miracast, that can be performed on any device with Windows10. By utilizing Miracast technology, mobile phone, tablet and computer with Windows10 series system are able to perform the screen display transmission of Miracast signal.

It means that when your TV has an Miracast page, it can support a Win10 computer with a direct screen display on your TV.

How to make PC wWn101+1 Wireless projection screen:

Hardware: Two PCS running Windows 10 with wireless network CARDS. (Wireless screen projection requires a wireless network card).

Technical prepare: through the transmission and reception of wireless network card, we can directly achieve the effect of wired connection before.

  1. Click to enter the operation center of the bubble pattern on the right side of the taskbar.
  2. Click “Connect” in the shortcut key of many functions at the bottom of the operation center to jump to the connection interface. In this interface, the current computer can be displayed wirelessly connected devices, such as wireless monitors and audio devices.
  3. Click “Project to this Computer” at the bottom of the screen to jump to the Settings window.
  4. “Projected onto this computer” set interface is throw screen on the electric machine in the received signal after the display Settings, which means the current setting of the computer is receiving signals of machine instead of sending screen machine, since launch to computer screen demand does not need any Settings, you just need to platform with a wireless network card in the function.
  5. In the Settings screen, a Windows PC or phone can project the computer’s choices and select any option except always off. Also in the “request projection to this computer” option, it is recommended to select “only the first time” for identification, unless you are worried about someone playing tricks on you while you are working, choose “every time you request a connection” option.

PS: The “PIN password is required for adaptation” option is still on (higher security factor).

The operation of wireless screen projection is also quite simple, but the first two PCS and laptops with wireless network card function are in the same network.

Click to enter the operation center on the right side of the taskbar, and click to enter the list in “Connect”, or select “Connect to wireless Display” in “Projection” to select the corresponding wireless display.

Corresponding connected another PC monitor will prompt the connection information, if set up a PIN adapter, then also on connected PC monitor prompt PIN, enter the PIN number will be after adaptation, if successful adaptation will enter the screen display mode, more recognition fails, will prompt recognition.

Screen projection: As with our wire connection, users can change different display modes if they copy, expand, only have a second screen, etc.

Summary: the current Windows10 wireless projection function only supports 1+1 dual screen, unlike the three or multiple screen projection function that can be achieved through a cable connection. However, in general, dual screen display is enough to meet our needs. The important thing is Miracast is a feature that comes with our computer system and is completely free, doesn’t require a third-party device or some kind of screen projection software.

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