Wireless screen casting “direct casting era” or will come

Wireless screen casting “direct casting era” or will come

Whether it’s Miracast or DLNA, we can connect directly through its protocol support, and get rid of the shackles of a certain assistant, screen casting software, and a certain box. Now Apple’s Airplay screen mirroring is a direct agreement with TV manufacturers, does all this mean that wireless screen casting “direct cast era” or will come?

Wireless screen casting

Miracast is one of the most widely used wireless screen mirroring technology, it is worth noting that Miracast is not a product, but a technology. miracast based on the characteristics of android open source, now the vast majority of smart devices will support miracast.

In addition to Miracast, there is another widely used screen mirroring technology – AirPlay.

AirPlay, now called screen mirroring, the original AirPlay has been Apple’s dedicated multi-screen interaction tool, and now also began to cooperate with TV manufacturers (foreign), so will it cooperate with more TV manufacturers (domestic)? Hypothetically, if a domestic TV manufacturer signs an agreement with Apple, does that mean it can be a monopoly?

DLNA push has been used for online video push. We have the TV logo on the app so as to cast the screen, which is actually DLNA push in terms of principle.

Wireless Direct Casting

Wireless screen casting “direct casting era” or will come, screen casting software, equipment where to go?

Casting software, the biggest advantage is free and comes with its own resources, the future of casting software may also cooperate with TV business, these APP built-in machine TV inside.

Screen casting equipment, as we all know, screen casting equipment historically speaking, can be traced back to the slide era, and its field has always been the business conference room and multimedia classroom. The future of wireless screen casters and other screen casting hardware may be more targeted and diversified.

AWIND wireless screen projector “direct projection”

One key projection, 15 seconds to easily cast the user’s terminal screen to a large screen, screen sharing, fast speed called “direct casting” is not too much. So whether you need to display a presentation in a conference room or to demonstrate a problem in a smart classroom, AWIND’s wireless projection technology is a good choice, convenient, fast and professional.

AWIND has been dedicated to the production, research and development of wireless screen casting equipment since 2003. In the future, intelligent meetings, intelligent education and other fields, strange machine wireless screen casting equipment or will continue to play a master advantage.


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