Wireless screen casting brings meetings into the era of efficiency

Wireless screen casting brings meetings into the era of efficiency

With the speed of wireless network, why climb up and down the wired connection when you can connect wirelessly? A wireless screen casting device can cast screen wirelessly with one click, why should it be tedious and uninteresting, why should it take half an hour to prepare for a meeting that can be started in one minute?

Wireless screen casting brings meetings into the era of efficiency

Wireless Screen Casting Meeting

AWIND wireless screen casting machine, wireless sharing and collaboration, to create a comfortable and simple office space for you, easy to unlock the new posture of the meeting.

How important is an intelligent system for a meeting: incompatible devices? Network instability? Connection is too complex? Pulling and pulling, accidentally lose the signal?

AWIND strange machine wireless screen casting, a minute for you to solve the problem. All systems compatible (iOS, MacOS, Windows, Android) wireless screen casting, no complicated connection, WiFi direct screen casting.

In the post-epidemic era, “minimalist and efficient” has become the keyword of working life. AWIND wireless projection screen gives an intelligent side, flexible for various business scenarios, makes meetings easier, and effectively improves work efficiency, which is worthy of the office “eye-catching” tool.

Wireless Screen Casting Meeting

As long as the wireless screen projector box and our sending end of the phone, tablet, computer in the same LAN, even if one in the 10th floor, one in the 3rd floor, the screen projection program you want, still feasible.

1080p HD display, stable and smooth signal without lag, tested by professional equipment, the general delay is within 30 milliseconds, not observed by the naked eye.

Without network, you can still cast screen wirelessly

WIFI “lost” is not afraid, AWIND  machine wireless casting screen comes with AP hotspot, support cell phones, tablets while using 4G network, while wireless casting screen.

What is wireless video presentation system

Wireless Screen Casting Meeting

In addition, AWIND wireless projection screen supports 4 devices at the same time, brainstorming, design comparison to the fullest, anytime and anywhere to open a large screen experience, more intelligent than you think, more efficient!

If it is just a screen casting function, how can it reflect the advantages of professional level? Wireless sharing and collaboration, multi-screen interaction, one machine with multiple screens, multiple projections and one display …… multiple wireless screen projection methods, so that the meeting into the era of minimal and efficient meeting.

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