Wireless screen casters can solve those problems

Wireless screen casters can solve those problems

Thanks to the development of 4G and 5G networks and the improvement of wireless screen casting technology, the current professional wireless screen casters support 1080P HD transmission, and the delay is generally within 30 milliseconds (under the current network conditions, the delay of screen casting is actually very low, which can fully meet the needs of the meeting). This is also the reason why in recent years, wireless screen casting in business meeting rooms and multimedia classroom applications have developed rapidly. This article is to introduce: wireless screen casters can solve those problems.

Wireless screen projector


Scenario 1 can be solved in this way:

Your cell phone, tablet, computer can be connected through the wireless projection collaboration system, the most convenient thing is that you do not have to let your employees bring adapters, because the company has enoughWireless screen casters can solve those problems equipment for them to use at will, cell phone tablet can be easily used.

Scenario 2 can be solved like this.

When you use the wireless projection collaboration system, you can throw away your wires and don’t have to worry about using a big box for the wires to affect the use, or worry about the connection time being too long to affect the meeting process, because the connection only takes an instant, and you can cast the screen from the small screen to the big screen.

Scenario 3 can be solved in this way.

When you have a meeting, you can have multiple devices cast to the projector together, you can choose to connect and use them one by one, or you can choose to use 2 of them together, so you can communicate with others intuitively, compare and collide for better results.

During the meeting, you can immediately annotate the current screen with the real-time annotation function for any ideas and conclusions you have. At the end of the meeting, elegantly sweep the QR code, you can easily save the electronic version of the meeting, the most real situation left at this time, when you recall afterwards, you can also easily remember those inspirational collisions and wonderful moments at that time.

Wireless screen projector

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