Wireless screen casters and TV boxes which is better

Wireless screen casters and TV boxes which is better

Today, I was automatically invited to answer the question: “Is it better to cast a screen box or a TV box?”

Then I saw a very high approval rate of the answer [because it is an official staff of a screen casting software]: “Casting screen box is the screen casters = the same screen device, its principle is the free screen casting software packaged into a hardware, and then charge money.”

I can only think: forget it, I do not answer, the road is not the same!

Because people who specialize in wireless screen casting will know that even the home screen player is not a software package that simple [although the home screen player, but also just the same screen on the phone screen on the TV]; not to mention: the main market for wireless screen casters “business meetings” “smart classroom “two formal occasions to use wireless screen casting equipment, if only a simple a free software package, people have to spend thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars [AWIND strange machine support true 4K output business screen casters up to more than 40,000 yuan, even if only support true 4K output, the cheapest business screen casters also have to nearly 2W yuan, with gold packaging? The] .

What is a TV box?

One is: set-top box, almost 90% of the smart TVs have to match the TV box to watch network video, this kind of just a conversion, so that we can see TV programs on smart motor machines, like my home, the elderly will not use, to buy a set-top box, the same as the traditional TV.

A kind of TV casting box: is to cast our cell phone video to the TV set. But even with the use of cast screen box, still can not do just look at the rich film and television resources on the mobile side. On the one hand, the content restrictions, TV boxes can only play their own resources [various boxes with various APP members] or with their own TV sets.

What is the wireless screen casters?

Other wireless screen casters I will not review, I only say is AWIND strange machine wireless screen casters is what for! Support the basic function of multi-device, multi-system electronic products screen interaction, support double screen / four split screen / six split screen / nine split screen display. At the same time after the combination of multiple devices, you can do a pair of multiple screen projection. That is, the screen of a computer, cell phones are displayed on multiple displays at the same time.

Screen counter-control: If the big screen is a display with touch function, we can directly demonstrate on the big screen, handwritten annotations, electronic whiteboard, etc. can be synchronously displayed on the computer.

Centralized control: There is an exclusive background for setting, in the smart classroom scenario, teachers can cast their screens to all the student group screens, while wanting to call that student group screen on the podium screen on the main screen.

AWIND strange machine can only say, according to their own needs to determine. If you simply watch a TV, share a picture … these basic just use the TV box on the line, and if it is a formal business, teaching occasions. Or use the wireless screen casters to the reliable.


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