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Wireless screen casters lag, try before you buy shows miraculous results

There are many screen casting devices on the market, Wireless screen casters but the lagging, splash screen and other unfavorable user experience, so many users have lost confidence in the screen casting products. awind strange machine first try before you buy way to get a large number of enterprises, education screen casting users.

Wireless screen casters

Now a variety of wireless screen casters have more and more features, but what do users really care about, has anyone thought about it?

According to the consultation data statistics of the first few months of this year, the users who consulted to the screen casters lag and other related problems accounted for more than 86% of the total number of users consulted, the latter decimal point does not count. This shows that wireless screen casters for users, no lag, low latency, smooth screen casting is the basic guarantee of product quality.

Why do most users online feel that the reputation of wireless screen casting products are not very good, are feeling more lag, delay ~ ~

The reason is actually twofold: on the one hand, the vast majority of users have used wireless screen casters are home, the budget is not high; on the other hand, many companies in order to meet the needs of the market, are based on open source Miracast casting protocol, saving low costs, regardless of product quality.

Wireless screen casters

AWIND strange machine first try, then buy the bottom line from where?

AWIND strange machine from 2003 on the Linux-based system to develop wireless screen casting equipment, the main market is aimed at business meeting rooms, multimedia classrooms and other formal occasions, 17 years of focus, have confidence in the quality of their own products.

Wireless screen casting, practical is king

AWIND strange machine wireless casting screen after connection, not only our naked eyes do not feel the obvious delay, lag, screen and other undesirable phenomena, and you can use computer data to monitor the real-time delay of casting screen.

In fact, to test the real-time latency of the computer after casting a large screen, especially simple.

First we need to know the IP of their computer (the easiest way is to open the browser, enter the IP, enter) the browser will automatically display the current IP address of the computer (

Then the computer is projected to the big screen through the wireless screen projector.

In the process of screen casting, Windows computer: Start – enter CMS Enter – enter the Command Prompt interface – enter Ping192.168.0.107 Enter.


This way the data that appears on the computer is the current computer in the process of casting screen real-time delay data.

Do not play false, let the user to experience, to test, AWIND  first try before you buy a miraculous effect.

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