How to use wireless same screen device

How to use wireless same screen device

Sitting in front of computer to watch video is very uncomfortable; watching video with cell phone or pad, the screen is too small to be enjoyable, there is no doubt that large screen can bring us more visual enjoyment, so watching movie on large screen is the dream of many users.

The wireless co-screener can realize the wireless connection between computer and TV or cell phone and TV in the home LAN, and display the current operation contents on cell phone and computer to flat screen TV instantly and synchronously, in which the contents displayed include video, audio and other kinds of multimedia information.

How to use wireless same screen device

How to use the wireless same screen device

The advantages of cell phones are strong processing power, easy operation, and easy access to a large number of video, text, pictures and games and other entertainment resources from the network, but the small screen of cell phones is “hard” wireless screen player allows us to watch the content of cell phones on a large screen.

How to use the wireless screen player

On the market, there are many kinds of wireless screen player, it can be said that there are a variety of strange machine, or first to introduce you to AWIND strange machine’s own [home] wireless screen player how to use.

Representative model: AWind – X10 wireless with the screen device.

Connection mode.

1, odd machine-X10 wireless with the screen receiver box through the HDMI cable and TV (large screen) connection.

2, to the odd machine-X10 wireless with the screen device plugged into the Internet cable [so that the casting device and odd machine-X10 in the same LAN].

3, the strange machine X10 can adapt to the signal end of the device to choose the way to cast the screen.

(1) ready to choose Miracast protocol [multi-screen interaction], DLNA push [TV logo] for casting screen.

2) Fruit IOS system devices through the AirPlay protocol for screen mirroring.

(3) Windows devices through the WindowsWiDi protocol for wireless screen casting.


Difference: Most of the devices on the market are not adaptive to choose the way to cast screen, because they only support Miracast with the same screen protocol, the strange machine-X10 wireless screen player can be adaptive to this is the advantage.

Awind X10 wireless screen player is through AirPlay protocol, Miracast protocol, WindowsWiDi protocol, DLNA push protocol, it can easily transfer laptop, Apple iphone, ipad, and Android tablet phone screen wirelessly to the projection or large screen display mobile terminal without installing any It supports video resolution up to 1080P.

AWIND is headquartered in New Taipei City, Taiwan, focusing on wireless projection, digital home, cell phone tablet wireless projection, wireless sharing and interactive collaboration, dedicated to wireless network (Wireless), multimedia (Multimedia), embedded system (EmbeddedSystem), Windows/WinCE/Mac and Microsoft’s new operating system Vistar. Mac and Microsoft’s new operating system Vist (WinVista) technology research and development, not only has a number of leading key core technologies and patents, but also specializes in the rapid integration of the launch (TimetoMarket) advanced related products.


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