Is the wireless projector really convenient?

Is the wireless projector really convenient?

At present, there is a trend of polarization of wireless screens, consumer (household) price is called a “cabbage price”, professional (conference, teaching) price is relatively high, so wireless screens are really convenient?

AWIND has only been doing professional wireless screen projection for 17 years from 2003 to now, and has a certain number of users for long-term high-quality service. We are not going to talk about home wireless projection, but it is really convenient to introduce professional wireless projection in the way of application scenarios.

Scenario 1

Your phone, tablet, and computer can all be connected through the wireless projection collaboration system. The great thing is that you don’t have to ask your employees to wear adapters anymore, because the company has enough devices for them to use at will. Mobile phones and tablets can be used easily.

Scenario 2

When you use a wireless projection collaboration system, you can throw away your cables without worrying about using a large box to hold the cables, and without worrying about the long connection time affecting the progress of the meeting, because the connection only takes a moment, and you can throw from the small screen to the big screen.

Scenario 3

During the meeting, you can throw multiple devices onto the projector together. You can choose to connect them one by one or use them together. In this way, you can intuitively communicate with others, compare them and get better results.

During the meeting, if you have any ideas and conclusions, you can immediately comment the current picture through the real-time annotation function. At the end of the meeting, the elegant scan qr code can easily save the electronic version of the meeting, the most real situation left at this time, when you recall later, you can also easily remember those inspiration collision and wonderful moments at that time.

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