How to add wireless projection to a corporate meeting room projector

How to add wireless projection to a corporate meeting room projector

wireless projection

When doing the May user feedback statistics, we found that many users were looking to add wireless projection to their conference room projectors at a relatively low cost.

Today I’d like to introduce you to a commercial grade product for conference room applications that allows you to wirelessly project your laptop or mobile phone, or even tablet, at a fraction of the cost. In fact, the AWIND Wireless Screen Projector is a product specifically designed for wirelessly projecting mobile phones, tablets, laptops and computers to projectors in conference rooms.

Wireless Screen Projector

All AWIND conference screen casters are named A series. They consist of one or more USB cases + the projector box.

The A-series wireless screen casters are all used in almost the same way, only the models are divided according to how many screens are displayed at the same time. Single screen display A-100 or A-200 (A100 does not support VGA output), double screen A-800, quad screen A-810.

Wireless Screen Projector

How to add wireless projection to a projector in a corporate meeting room

1, will AWIND Qi machine wireless screen thrower through the HDMI cable or VGA cable and projector connection, and then the projector signal mode to adjust to VGA or HDMI, this according to the choice of connection cable to adjust.

2, laptop, computer wireless screen casting: computer laptop wireless screen casting only need to plug the USB button in the computer or laptop USB interface, and then press the button can be.

AWIND wireless screen projector, it can not only bring you a neat desktop, stable performance, laptop users just need to connect the USB screen projection button to the computer USB port, you can share the content on the device, and can move at will, without worrying about the cable off or line aging problems, interrupting the sharing signal, or due to video output interface mismatch and other problems, affecting the sharing of meeting content. You don’t even need the wired devices you used to keep in the conference room for emergencies. And you get a great price!

wireless projection

How to connect a wireless projector

Answers to user questions

1. Clarity after wireless projection

AWIND wireless projector supports 1080P HD output, so don’t worry about the problem of lack of clarity.

2, after wireless projection, will not be satisfied with the screen because the display ratio is not the same

Laptop and computer can be adjusted according to the display ratio of the projector respectively computer resolution, from 1920 * 1080 resolution down to 1024 * 768 resolution are available for selection. It is because the projector is very see proportion, but also through the projector background [a key full screen] function, directly forced full screen.

3, USB button is not enough to do?

AWIND strange machine A series screen projector in addition to support USB keys, there is an exclusive ESHOW screen projection APP, as long as we can only install on the device ESHOW software, of course, you can also buy additional USB keys.


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