Wireless projection scheme

Wireless projection scheme

This scheme enables us to display the screen of mobile phones, tablets, laptops and computers on the big screen, and at the same time, the receiver also supports the simultaneous display of smart devices (computers, mobile phones and tablets), up to 100.

If there are 104 people in the studio, four people’s devices (computers, phones, tablets) can be wirelessly projected onto one or more big screens, and the remaining 100 people can turn on their smart devices (computers, phones, tablets) to receive and synchronize their images with the big screen.

Hardware equipment of wireless projection scheme

  1. Server. The premise of wireless screen projection is to be in the same LAN, so a LAN server must be built.
  2. AWIND professional wireless projector, the current function is no semicolon.

Setup steps:

Open the live server to generate RTMP push stream address and RTSP receive address.

Connect one AWIND wireless projection gateway to big screen 1 through HDMI, log in the background setting RTMP push stream address of this AWIND wireless projection gateway, and click push stream.

Connect all AWIND wireless projection gateways and smart devices (computers, phones, tablets) to the LAN.

Login to the background of other AWIND wireless projection gateway to set up multi-screen co-display RTSP receiving.

Smart devices (PC, phone, pad) download VLC player software to open streaming player input RTMP or RTSP player address. (PS: If you can’t understand the text version, please contact us. We can teach by video.)

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