Wireless projection changes to the conference room

How is it that mobile phones get stuck on TV? It works perfectly on the phone

User consultation: “Mobile phone projection TV is very stuck how to return a responsibility?” And it’s particularly smooth on the phone…

There are several possible reasons why the screen is stuck on TV:

  1. Screen agreement

The Miracast protocol or Airplay protocol commonly used by Android mobile phone screen TV can get a card. If it is a DLNA mobile phone, by the way, it will not get a card on the TV.

This problem is an issue of Miracast or Airplay screen projection protocol. It is generally difficult to solve and needs to be analyzed according to the specific situation. If it is DLNA, it is suggested to check the router and try to restart it, or restart it after the mobile phone shuts off the WiFi network to check whether the screen projection is normal.

  1. Try an APP instead

If you use other video platform software or third-party software for screen projection, if not, you can try to uninstall and install the App itself. If you can’t solve the problem, it is usually official. Now some video APP operators in order to promote their own screen projection box, direct screen projection will have the phenomenon of lag.

  1. Professional wireless projector is adopted

Currently, there are two types of wireless screens: one is consumer level home screen projection box (relatively cheap), and the other is professional level conference screen projection box (relatively high price), which will suffer from the phenomenon of lag. You get what you pay for, you know.

AWIND has a history of 17 years since 2003, specializing in the development and production of professional-level conference screen projection, which is a screen projection product targeted at the “business education field”. The delay is generally less than 30 milliseconds, and the phenomenon of lag cannot be felt by the human eye. Taking LINUX as the basic architecture, the private screen projection protocol, Miracast protocol and Airplay protocol are developed to ensure the smoothness of screen projection, and the screen projection stability is higher.

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