Why wireless presentation system is favored by consumers?

Why wireless presentation system is favored by consumers?

Wireless presentation system is a kind of transmission device that uses wireless WIFI transmission to replace the traditional VGA cable, which is simply a medium that bridges mobile phones and computer screens to all-in-one machines and projectors. Why does the wireless presentation system get the favor of consumers, and thus quickly become popular?

wireless presentation system

Wireless screen casting

Get rid of the bondage of the cable

Previously, in order to adapt to the company’s old projector, a variety of adapter cables to prepare a number of: VGA connection cable, HDMI to VGA cable, DP to VGA, MINIDP to VGA, Apple adapter cable, TYPE-C and so on.

Get rid of the bondage of the cable is the basic function of the wireless presentation system equipment, wireless alternative to wired, which the basic reason for the current wireless reform of the conference room.

The advantage of wireless presentation system is real-time shareability

In the round table, speech, classroom and other occasions, the data of different speakers are stored in different notebooks, in the use of wired projection by the restrictions of the connection, frequent replacement of notebooks; wireless technology is applied to get rid of the clutter of cable bondage, to meet the desire for free projection.

wireless presentation system

The development of peripheral technology

Wireless presentation system actually appeared earlier, but at the beginning because of the limitations of network communication technology, the effect of casting screen can not make users accept, in recent years, with the development of network communication technology and business all-in-one machine and other high-definition screen, led to the development of wireless projection screen.

The function and performance of wireless presentation system products

In the transformation of traditional conference rooms, classrooms, hardware deployment focus on the need to consider the functionality and performance of the wireless screen casting products selected, which is the core of the conference room, classroom transformation.

For example, for enterprises, a very important function is to be able to support the platform of unified management. A large enterprise group, schools, etc., a large number of conference rooms, classrooms, if there is no unified management system, then the IT maintenance staff will certainly cause confusion in the management of conference rooms.

And have a unified management system of wireless projection screen equipment, real-time statistical meeting information, network configuration, unified distribution of configuration files and replacement of desktop wallpaper, etc. This function can greatly reduce the work intensity of IT maintenance personnel, through data analysis can improve the utilization of the conference room, so enterprises, schools and other in the creation of multiple wireless projection screen conference room, with batch deployment, centralized control function of wireless projection screen equipment to meet the procurement needs.

wireless presentation system

A good compatibility with office equipment

Traditional conference rooms, classrooms to transform the wireless casting screen, the projector still occupies a significant proportion of …… for wireless presentation system equipment, retain the projector commonly used VGA interface, it can help enterprises conference rooms, schools classrooms and other scenes of the transformation of significant cost savings. Simply by using wireless technology to replace the traditional cable, user acceptance is relatively easy. If wireless projection screen to cell phones, computers, laptops and other office equipment does not have a good degree of compatibility, wireless presentation system is not possible to achieve today’s achievements.

Admittedly, whether wireless or wired, in fact, according to user needs to decide, with the refinement of wireless transmission technology, wireless presentation system equipment more and more complete in function, the conference tablet becomes a display terminal, for users, will certainly be a wireless alternative to wired. From a philosophical point of view, the inevitability of new things to replace backward things.

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