How much does a wireless presentation system cost?

There are many options for the Awind wireless screen mirroring system-then how do we choose the system we need?

In the time when the new crown virus is rampant, if you need to set up your meeting room and use existing projectors, or smart TVs and computers for collaboration, that is to say, you are looking for a wireless presentation system to better achieve Social distance, and eliminate the trouble of various wires, this article will give you an analysis of the cost and quality of the wireless demonstration system.

Wireless demonstration system under $300

What is the price of the wireless presentation system

In general, a system designed for home applications is suitable for this price point. This system can improve your experience of playing games from a small screen to a large screen. It can also improve your experience of watching movies and synchronize the movies on your mobile phone to the big screen. On the screen of the TV, the implementation method is: there is a basic receiver on the TV, and a transmitter on the computer or mobile phone. When the TV series and the mobile phone are on the same wifi, the wireless same screen can be realized. These methods are very effective when you do not want to troublesomely use long cables.


If this system is used to cope with work, it is not very easy to use. For the work environment, there are two shortcomings. The first is that many are designed for only one source-so if you have two presenters to switch back and forth-there is no easy way to do this in a meeting. Another big disadvantage is that these encryption algorithms have no encryption function, so people with a receiver can “listen” to your wireless presentation.

Wireless demonstration system under $800

What is the price of the wireless presentation system

This series of systems is an entry-level meeting room design. The most popular systems use a simple button to connect to devices such as laptops or Ipads to transfer presentations to the display safely and efficiently, while other systems use applications loaded on the system-and through your WiFi network Send the application. Many brands such as AirTame and Kramer Via rely on your network to handle the additional bandwidth (up to 25mps per user) and may need to modify the network configuration. Our Awind brand products are equipped with encrypted button transmitters.


The best systems focus on getting the basics right-easy to connect, and for Awind products-rock-solid security. WiFi systems are very dependent on your network, and on many systems, the video quality may be lower (only 30 frames per second). Before purchasing, be sure to check the video performance and bandwidth specifications.

Wireless demonstration system for more than $800

What is the price of the wireless presentation system

Wireless presentation systems at this price point are the most popular among businesses and governments. They require easy-to-use systems, reliable security, and additional features such as split screen and support for interactive displays. For example, the product Awind A200 can support four different presenters on the screen at the same time, and enable the presenter on the interactive flat panel to annotate documents on the panel and send the annotations to your laptop at the same time. The best systems provide security guarantees for IT managers to ensure that the system is protected from bad actors who try to intercept in confidential meetings. Another nice feature of these functions is that the unit can be centrally managed through the network,

Disadvantages-some systems have annual subscriptions

Because these devices are connected to the network (or rely on the network), some companies charge an annual subscription fee for each device to keep the product up-to-date and with the latest security patches. For example, Mersive charges up to 10% of the price of the equipment each year. If you have many meeting rooms, the cost will increase over time. Such expenses occur on brands such as benq and barco, but Awind does not currently require this expense, so you don’t need to worry about it.