The monthly sales of wireless presentation system in Malaysia has increased dramatically

The monthly sales of wireless presentation system in Malaysia has increased dramatically, which is better, wireless presentation system or software screen casting?

Since the concept of “no classes, no school” came on line, primary and secondary school students across Malaysia have been busy with video teaching, and screencasting software has become the most important part of education overnight. But the cell phone viewing angle is after all limited, long time viewing will also make children’s eyes damaged, so wireless screen casters have become a very popular “education tools”.

Wireless screen casters can project videos directly onto the TV for viewing, and big screen education is undoubtedly the best help for children at the moment. So wireless screen casters and screencasting software, in the end, which method is more convenient and more practical?

The screencasting device belongs to the hardware products, users need to achieve connection through the USB interface, press the screen casting button of the wireless screencasting device, then you can start to cast the screen. After pulling out the screen casting device, no video files will be left on the device.

Screen casting software is required on the device (smart TV, network set-top box, projector) cell phone also need to install the client screen casting software, the setup is more cumbersome, after completion of the screencasting.


The biggest difference between the two is that wireless screen casters are hardware decoding, while software screen casting is software decoding. Wireless screen casters are more convenient to use, eliminating the need for tedious setup. In addition, the use of Awind 200 large screen learning effect is better Oh.

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