Top 5 brand wireless presentation system in India

Top 5 brand wireless presentation system in India

According to the incomplete statistics of the big data in Mumbai, India, we selected the top five brands of wireless presentation system in India in 2020 according to brand evaluation and sales. They are BenQ, Barco, Awind, BOEGAM,  and Guarantee. Come and see if there are any brands your company is using.

1. BenQ BenQ-Response Show

BenQ is a world-renowned digital 3C brand and a leading video display solution brand in the world’s professional market. BenQ has a large number of users such as projectors, conference tablets, education tablets, monitors, etc. In response to customer data security and wireless sharing needs, BenQ has developed a secure wireless screen projection collaboration system BenQ Answer Show WDC series products, which are sold in more than 100 countries and regions worldwide , Deeply loved by professional users.

2. Barco Barco-ClickShare

Barco wireless presentation system was born in Belgium and is the world’s leading supplier of video and display solutions in the professional market. Solutions based on large-screen display, display solutions and visual monitoring system solutions in the field of life medicine. There are control room systems, simulation and virtual reality systems, performance and exhibition systems, media and entertainment systems, digital cinema systems, air traffic control systems, defense and security, medical imaging systems, avionics, textiles and food classification markets.

3. Awind

Awind Company is a professional company that provides wireless projection gateway, mobile phone projection, one-key projection software, aimed at future classrooms, flipped classrooms, multi-screen interactive counter-control teaching and network video conferences, intelligent conference systems, and multifunctional conference rooms. Provide wireless presentation system , digital home and other products.

4. Guanyee

Top 5 brand wireless presentation system in India

Shenzhen Baojiang Technology Co., Ltd. was established in May 2015. The main team members are from Huawei, Panasonic, Skyworth, etc.; the company focuses on the research and development and production of wireless transmission screen products, and aims to become a leading company in this field.

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