wireless presentation system for conference

The wireless presentation can easily project the pictures of mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, and PCs to large screens such as projectors, TVs, and tablets. 4K ultra-clear visual effects, conference presentations, multimedia teaching, watching TV, and playing games are more enjoyable . This article is a tutorial on connecting the mobile phone and the projector with the AWIND screen mirroring device, including the demonstration of the Screen sharing method of Android mobile phone, Apple mobile phone, Windows system computer, Macos system computer, and camera. Welcome to check it out.

hardware preparation

Sender: Android phone/tablet, Apple phone/ipad, Windows system computer, Macos system computer, DV camera;

Receiving end: projector, led splicing screen, conference panel, teaching all-in-one machine, TV (the display screen only needs to support HDMI/VGA signal income).

Screen sharing device: AWIND conference Screen sharing device.

Connection steps

First: use HDMI cable or VGA cable to connect the Screen sharing host and the display screen. This article takes the projector as an example. At this time, the projector will display the relevant information of the Screen sharing host;

Then: connect the wireless presentation to the local area network of the company or home, the presentation can be connected to the WIFI of the router, or can be plugged in the network cable;

Finally: wireless prsentation

  1. For Android phones and tablets, you need to download the ESHOW Screen sharingsoftware in the App Store/Huawei Market; then start the ESHOW Screen sharing, select the presentation ID, and then the mobile phone screen can be mirrored on the projector in full screen. (PS: Android mobile phones and tablets can directly use the built-in wireless Screen sharing function to connect to the screen, but they cannot be displayed in full screen during mirroring, and the DLNA TV screen can be displayed in full screen).
  2. Swipe up from the bottom of the main interface for iPhone and iPad projection – screen mirroring – select the screen caster ID – the phone screen can be mirrored and displayed on the projector in full screen.
  3. Laptop and PC computer Screen sharing, insert the USB button of the transmitting end of the presentationinto the notebook or PC computer, wait for the USB button display light to be green, press the button, the laptop and PC computer Screen sharing projector with one key even.
  4. Macos Screen sharing, mac computer comes with Type_C interface and screen mirroring function, so you can use the built-in screen mirroring or the Type_C button of the Screen sharingdevice to project the screen with one click.
  5. The camera is projected to the big screen, and the DV camera has an HDMI interface, so we can purchase the HDMI presentationtransmitter and plug the HDMI button on the camera.

Reminder: There are three general types of transmitters: USB, HDMI, and Type_C. In actual use, different transmitters should be selected according to different screencasting devices.

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