Wireless presentation gateway, the screen casting magic tool in the meeting

Wireless presentation gateway, the screencasting magic tool in the meeting

When you see a screen projector, many people will think of a screen projection app, but relatively few people know the business screen projection brand. For people who often attend meetings, the business meeting screen projector is also called a Wireless presentation gateway,, also known as wireless screen projection or wireless sharing and collaboration equipment. Wireless presentation gateway is mainly used in business meeting rooms and office teaching in the screen, home theater is relatively few people in use.

China’s wireless projection screen applications relative to developed countries in Europe and the United States, the start is much later, mainly in recent years began to rise. Reasons for the rise of.

Reasons for the rise of Wireless presentation gateway, in the meeting

First, the traditional meeting to the intelligent conference room reform

In traditional conference rooms, the projection equipment is mainly projectors, which are connected by means of wired connections. And in recent years, the status of the conference room system in the development of enterprises climbed, have been reformed conference room, from wired to wireless development; from a single conference room to diversified development; from the traditional non-intelligent to intelligent development.

Wireless presentation gateway

Wireless presentation gateway,, the screen projection wizard in the meeting

Second, the formation of the conference room system concept

The traditional meeting is only a single meeting for presentation, a writing board plus a pen, the speaker that began the meeting presentation. Now the concept of conference room system is formed, what “remote video conferencing system, paperless conference system, automatic tracking camera system, voting system, simultaneous interpretation system, centralized control system and sound, etc.” everything to intelligent, systematic development.

Third, the development of related industries

1, the rise of Wireless presentation gateway, can not be separated from the development of network communication technology, can not hesitate to say that there is no developed network communication technology, there is no wireless this name.

2, with the development of cell phones, tablets, laptops and other electronic devices, more people want to get rid of the traditional desktop computer for office, meeting presentation.

3, the emergence of intelligent all-in-one machines and other high-definition display screen, through the Wireless presentation gateway,, we can share the content we need to display in high definition on a large screen, to meet our need for high-definition meetings, while more convenient presentation.

Fourth, the advantages of the Wireless presentation gateway, itself

Wireless presentation gateway

Wireless presentation gateway the screen projection tool in the meeting

Most of the traditional conference room screen projection devices are projectors; the main advantages of Wireless presentation gateway compared to projectors are the compatibility with office equipment and the improvement of conference effect.

Compatibility of equipment.

The business Wireless presentation gateway  supports cell phones, tablets, laptops, PC computers, LED displays in terms of devices, and Android, IOS, Windows, MAC, etc. in terms of systems, thus realizing the multi-screen interaction of qua devices, qua systems.

The enhancement of meeting effect

Personnel interaction: Wireless presentation gateway with counter-control function, that is, when the meeting presentation, we can demonstrate in front of the big screen, so as to interact with the participants and enhance the meeting effect. The projector can only be used in front of the computer to “take turns to occupy the seat”.

Data comparison: The Wireless presentation gateway supports 1-to-many screen projection and many-to-1 screen projection. With many-to-one, meeting data can be compared; with one-to-many, it can be shared to more people at the same time.

Time saving: Through Wireless presentation gateway, you can mainly save the preparation time before the meeting, the waiting time during the meeting, and the time for filing and organizing the meeting after the members already.

Introduction to the use of Wireless presentation gateway: Take AWIND Qiji wireless projection gateway as an example

Projection equipment and Wireless presentation gateway and display screen in the same local area network environment (prerequisite)

1, connect the Wireless presentation gateway  to the display screen. (It is recommended that both wired and wireless are connected, after the wireless connection once, the next use will be automatically connected)

2, Android phones, tablets open multi-screen interaction – automatically search for devices – select AWIND Wireless presentation gateway – cast screen success; Apple phones, tablets using Airplay screen mirroring – automatically search for devices -Select the AWIND wireless projection gateway -project the screen successfully.

3, laptops and computers open wireless WIF-select AWIND Qiji Wireless presentation gateway of WIFI-select AWIND Qiji wireless projection gateway-cast screen successfully.

Warm tip: In the absence of network environment, through the local area network is also possible to complete the process of wireless projection, sharing. Only the content shared is local content.

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