Wireless Presentation 4K resolution

Part of the content in this article comes from 4K Baidu Baike, but some users asked about it today, so I wrote it here as popular science.

A netizen asked, “Why are the online 4K presentation cost only one or two hundred dollars, while the AWIND 4K presentation costs 18,000?”

Answer: “Most of the Internet supports 4K input. As for the output, no one knows what the output is. Ours supports true 4K output. In addition, I don’t recommend that you buy a true 4K projector. After all, you must achieve a true 4K display. The conditions are harsher.

First of all: the conditions for true 4K display are more demanding

The video source must be a real 4K video source (4K video sources are rare); the computer player must support 4K players (iqiyi. Tencent, Xunlei will not work, in most cases, we still use dedicated 4K decoding equipment), The HDMI cable is a 4K dedicated cable (this is more common), a screen projector (there are several domestic companies that really support 4K, like those in the industry know), and a true 4K monitor (see whether the logo in the product specification is “RGB” or “RGBW”, RGB4K is true, RGBW4K belongs to fake 4K,).

Secondly: the significance is not great

The true 4K display in many conference rooms and multimedia classrooms in China is really not very meaningful. 1080P HD can generally meet the demand. If it is a special industry that requires true 4K, our product supports trial and users can test it. The one or two hundred yuan online does not need to be tested. ”

Expansion information:

In the field of digital technology, binary operations are usually used, and the pixels that make up the image are used to describe the size of the digital image. Due to the huge number of pixels that make up a digital image, it is usually represented by K. The 10th power of 2 is 1024, so: 1K=2^10=1024, 2K=2^11=2048, 4K=2^12=4096.

The common 3840*2160 on the market can also be called 4K resolution. The standard 4K resolution is exactly 4 times the number of pixels of the 2K resolution of 2048×1080 and 16 times the number of pixels of the 1K resolution of 1024×540. If you want to use data, the fake 4K only has more than 6 million pixels, while the real 4K has more than 8.2 million pixels, but our naked eyes can’t distinguish it.

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