Finish the year-end summary meeting with this wireless mirror screen instrument

Wireless mirror screen instrument will make your year even better

A year to the end of the various summations are essential, as are various activities.

To make the end of the year more colorful,

Today, I recommend to you a professional level wireless mirror screen instrument.

It allows you to quickly display a picture of a phone, tablet, camera or other device on a large screen without having to connect,

More importantly, it can be synchronized across multiple large screens.


Use this wireless projector to complete the annual review


wireless mirror screen instrument

Year-end report, wireless screen more efficient


First of all:

Connect the receiver box and display screen of AWIND wireless projector with HDMI cable.

Then you plug the wireless projector box into the cable

Connect to the company’s LOCAL area network (multiple screens, multiple sets of wireless projection receiver boxes are required);


And then:

The host uses a mobile phone, tablet or computer, and enters the host mode through the management software (the host mode may not be used, but we suggest using it);


Once again:

People who need to report will connect their mobile phones, tablets and laptops to the background of the wireless projector (controlled by the host);


The host will display his mobile phone, tablet or laptop wirelessly on the big screen. (The background supports 128 people to connect at the same time, and the name can be customized to modify, it is suggested to use your own name, the host needs who to screen, check the box in front of his device, different devices switch in about 3 seconds.)

wireless mirror screen instrument

Awind wireless screen mirror instrument will make the year-end review more colorful

Usually when we end up at the end of the year, for the effect of the event, we add multiple sub-screens, add sound systems, add cameras..

Use this wireless projector to complete the annual review

Multiple secondary screens: Multiple screens at the same time,

AWIND wireless Screen mirror supports multicast within the same LAN,

That is, there are as many display screens as there are receiver boxes.

Add audio system: the audio system can be connected to the wireless projector via 3.5mm audio cable.

Add camera: If the camera supports Rtmp/Rtsp protocol,

Directly through the LAN live broadcast of the event,

If not, you can plug the HDMI button transmitter into the camera,

Live broadcast of events (most cameras support HDMI input).

Summary: Each company’s annual review conference site deployment is different,

Specific needs can be communicated with online customer service.

Or ideas to communicate with online technology,

AWIND has been a professional wireless screen mirror manufacturer for 17 years,

Experience with screen deployment for year-end review meetings is extensive and may help you.

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