Wireless mirror screen device which is better

Wireless mirror screen device which is better


What’s better about wireless mirror screen devices

This can only be said to be different according to the needs of users, so as to “have a short foot, an inch has a strong point.”,

Each has its own advantages.

Even if the projection effect of the consumer level projector is ordinary, the function is less,

But it’s cheap and still has a certain market,

Although the price of professional projector is high,

But in the field of expertise,

With its super function, it still occupies the high-end market.

For example, awind is a manufacturer of projector for conference rooms and multimedia classrooms,

In the field of business education, it is still outstanding.

Wireless mirror screen device which is better

Wireless mirror screen device


Some people will ask, “what are the advantages of your awind wireless projector?”


As a professional wireless sharing and cooperation equipment, awind wireless mirror screen equipment is mainly used in business meeting rooms, multimedia classrooms and digital exhibition halls, so it is also compared with products of the same level.


1. Linux system, more stable, more secure


Since 2003, we have been using Linux system and independent research and development,

Awind didn’t follow the trend of research and development from Android architecture,

The main factor is that the Linux architecture is relative to the Android architecture,

Linux system is more stable and more secure.

At present, there are few projector manufacturers that still adhere to the Linux architecture,

But awind still stands firm in the field of business education


Popular science: Linux and Android systems can be said to be the same, because both Linux and Android use the same kernel (Linux_ GUI), but Android is developed in the open source part of Linux. The advantage of Android is compatibility, while Linux is stability and security.


Wireless mirror screen device which is better

Wireless mirror screen device

2. Multiple devices can be connected in series for multicast


At present, multiple projectors can be multicast and connected in series to realize one to many screen projection,

Many to many projection screen hardware devices, only a few of us use Linux system,

The Android system is at an obvious disadvantage,

Whether from the number of series or stability.

It can be said without hesitation that if we want to achieve the [multi screen simultaneous display] scheme, we have an absolute advantage.


Multi screen simultaneous display: one or more mobile phones, tablets, laptops and PCs are projected on more than two screens at the same time (the receiving end can be large screen with VGA / HDMI input, or smart devices such as mobile phones and computers).


3. Mobile phone screen projection can achieve full screen image


Usually, we mirror mobile phones and tablets on other large screens,

Because the screen ratio of the mobile phone is 16:9, the large screen is usually 16:10 or 4:3,

Because the display scale is different, it can’t be full screen,

We can use adaptive full screen or input signal rotation in the background of projector,

So that the full screen image. Most professional projectors can’t realize the full screen image display of mobile phones,

Not to mention household boxes or projection software.


Mobile phone vertical screen mirroring

Wireless mirror screen device


4. Android phone image projection has sound


Most manufacturers of wireless mirror screen equipment are based on screen projection,

Voice over Bluetooth (before June 2020, we will)

(there is no sound on the screen of Android phone, which is the security protection mechanism of Android system),

Awind bypasses the protection mechanism of Android system through research and development,

Through the hardware device to transmit sound, so that Android phones in the mirror projection screen,

No additional connection is required, and the sound and video can be simultaneously projected on the screen.


More will not say, or that sentence, the foot has a short, an inch has a strong point,

Users need to choose the right products according to their actual needs.

No one is better than others, only who is more suitable and cost-effective. Wireless mirror screen device

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