WindowsXP computer projection to the TV

WindowsXP computer projection to the TV

Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer wireless screens supporting WindowsXP in the market. Why? Because of the market, because of the inside! The Windows xp system exits for too long, and cast the wireless screen is just the rise of the industry, now most of mid-career wireless panel manufacturers are based on the market, based on the architecture of android open source code, easy development, temporary to share, rather than spend a lot of energy to develop a market in small things.

Awind Inc  was founded in 2003, when WindowsXP was still the mainstream system, so WindowsXP system screen projection for us, this is a primary school homework. Today we’ll also introduce two wireless screens that will allow WindowsXP computers to cast their screens to the TV in minutes.

Windows XP computer projection to TV tutorial

The first type: HDMI Keypad wireless Projector [USB keypad mode revision]

  1. Connect the receiver box of the wireless projector to the TV via an HDMI cable;
  2. Plug the HDMI button into your laptop. There’s a button next to your laptop that plugs into the power source and can be pressed to display the screen. If it’s a desktop computer, you need a portable power supply.

HDMI is more convenient than USB keypad. Although we need to add a power source, the screen projection is more convenient and the effect is better. Otherwise, we would not sell HDMI more expensive.

The second type: wireless screen projector of APP sender

  1. Connect the receiver box of the wireless projector to the TV via an HDMI cable;
  2. Download and install APP sender software on WindowsXP computer, and then put the computer and TV in the same LAN (in case of laptop, you can directly connect to the WIFI of our projector);
  3. WindowsXP computer double-click, start APP, and Win7, Win10 computer is no different, because our inside story, WindowsXP system itself can be compatible with our system.

In fact, WindowsXP system computer screen and Win7, Win10 computer screen in the operation of no difference, mainly is a compatible system. After all, WindowsXP is so far away. The current mainstream computer screen or Win10 system computer screen.

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