Windows screen mirroring only needs one tap, Do you know?

Windows screen mirroring only needs one tap

Plug the USB button into the Windos computer and press the button lightly, and the computer screen can be wirelessly mirrored on the big screen. It looks amazing, but in fact this is just the basic application of wireless screen mirroring.

windows screen mirroring

Windows screen mirroring is just a basic screen mirroring application with just one tap

AWIND odd machine conference series wireless screen mirror is composed of two parts: USB key sender + receiver box.

For the first use, you need to connect the receiver box and the display screen through an HDMI cable or VGA cable (that is, as long as the receiver screen has an HDMI or VGA receiving interface);

For subsequent use, we only need to insert the USB button into the Windows computer and press the button. There is no barrier to use, which is convenient and fast.

Windows screen mirroring

Windows screen mirroring only needs one tap

Windows screen mirroring only needs one tap to advance

1. Suppose that during the meeting, there are many people taking turns to mirror the screen, just imagine “always plugging and unplugging the buttons” or “how many USB buttons are ready?”

Actually not needed. Plugging and unplugging the USB buttons all the time can easily lead to poor interface contact, and preparing multiple transmitters is costly, right?

The AWIND wireless screen mirrorer can embed the USB sender program on the U disk, or install the Eshow sender software on the computer. Generally, the built-in U disk is mainly used by customers, while the installation software is mainly used by internal personnel of the company, and the USB keys are used by some leaders. Everyone is happy, the point is that the software is free, which greatly saves the cost of use.

Windows screen mirroring

Windows screen mirroring only needs one tap

2. Suppose there are multiple computers casting screens at the same time, and they all press the USB button or start the software. Whose picture is displayed on the big screen?

The AWIND wireless screen mirror supports 4-screen display, which means that the screens of 4 computers are displayed on a large screen simultaneously. Under normal circumstances, the fifth person’s screen is squeezed out of the fourth screen, but the meeting host can perform screen lock and screen up and down operations.

Lock screen function: When 4 computer screens appear on the big screen, the host can perform the lock screen operation, which means that other devices cannot cast screens.

Up and down screen function: When multiple devices are connected to the screen at the same time, the administrator can manage whose computer screen is displayed on his own computer (the administrator plug-in needs to be installed on the administrator computer, which is provided for free).

3. Set as shortcut keys for Eshow screen mirroring software

When the Eshow screen mirroring software is installed on the computer, we can customize a shortcut key for this software, press the shortcut key to start the software, and then the Windows computer automatically mirrors the big screen. It’s just that this is not commonly used.

4. Mobile phones, tablets, MAC and computers are compatible

AWIND wireless screen mirrorer supports smart phones, tablets, notebooks, desktop computers on hardware devices, and supports Android, IOS, Windows, and MAC systems on the system.

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