Windows PC extended screen projection

In traditional meetings, we use Windows computers to mirror computer screens onto larger screens such as all-in-ones. But sometimes, to protect our privacy, we can demonstrate solutions by extending Windows PC screen projection, while still protecting our privacy.

Meaning of Windows PC extended screen projection:

  • Improve work efficiency.

The demos share the content they need to share through wireless projection to the big screen, and we can operate the other computer screen freely, so as to improve work efficiency. For example, one screen can be used to look up information, and another screen can be used to find the information, with the document editing, displayed on a large screen

2.Protect your privacy.

By extending the screen projection of the computer so that the content we need to share appears on the big screen, we have a good protection of our privacy. In short, you can only see what I want you to see. If there is a lot of information on the computer, the participants can see all the computer screens through the big screen, is it not easy to leak privacy, but by expanding the screen projection, I need to show you the content, drag to the expanded screen, it can be solved.

Windows PC extends the use of screen projection

Windows PC screen to pitch in by AWIND odd machine wireless device for screen, screen APP the sender open extension shots now screen, and then WIN + P 】 【 quickly change the current projection model, appear on the right side of the computer, the computer screen only 】 【 [copy], [expansion], and only the second screen 】 【 four patterns for the user to choose, choose to extend, at that time big screen is all-in-one PC, projector, computer display 】 【 a blank screen.

【PS: Duplicate screens are often used for sharing or remote control, such as using Chromecast to project a computer’s web page to the TV to browse with family members, lying in the dorm bed and playing computer games with Moonlight on your phone, etc.; expand screens to expand desktop space and enhance multitasking. 】

Content use of extended screen: We can drag the content we need to share on our computer onto the extended screen [click on the left mouse button and drag to the far right].

Extension screen switch: the mouse moves from the extension screen to the left, as long as the scope of the extension screen, it will automatically return to the computer.

End extended Screen projection: Drag Shared files onto your home screen and close them. Or mouse back to the main computer screen, directly end the projection screen.

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