Windows Mirror Screen Shortcut

If you want to share your Windows desktop with other devices, the windows mirror screen shortcut will be the fastest and simplest way. It is a tool that allows you to quickly and easily mirror your screen on Windows.  Many people are fond of this as it’s great for presentations, videos, or just showing off your screen to others.

In this blog, we will introduce you to several ways to realize this with shortcut way on your windows system computer.



WIN10 Computer Screen Mirroring

There is no doubt that Windows 10 offers many new features, but many changes must be made. If you want to make the most of your new operating system, you need to learn how to use shortcuts. Here are a few tips on using them.

  1. Open the settings app by pressing the Windows key + I on your keyboard.
  2.  Now, on the left side of the window, click on Display
  3.  Click on the icon at the bottom of the page that says “Connect to a wireless display” and enter the wireless display device.
  4.  A new window will open with a list of available display options. Select the one you want to mirror your screen and click on the “Connect” button.
  5.  Your selected screen will be mirrored on all displays!

Wireless WIN10 Mirroring with Other Devices

Windows has been a popular operating system for many years. Many people use it for work, school, and personal use. Windows 10, the latest operating system version, comes with many new features. One of these features is the ability to mirror your screen with other devices wirelessly.

In fact, AWIND provides you with devices like the A900 that allow you to mirror your Windows, iPhone, Android, TV, and so on monitor or screen wirelessly.

You can mirror its Display onto a nearby TV using Wi-Fi. It’s easy to see the contents of your screen when you’re working on a computer. Or when you are at a conference with your colleagues, mirroring the screen on the monitor so everyone can see it clearly. Actually, it can be used in many ways and occasions that improve our work efficiency and give us a super marvelous experience.

Steps of Windows Mirror Screen Shortcut:

Wireless WIN Mirroring is a great way to connect your device to another display. This technology allows you to easily share pictures, videos, and even your screen with other devices. Before you start using it, you need to know a few things about wireless WIN Mirroring.

To do this, you first need to follow these steps of Windows Mirror Screen Shortcut:

  1.   Connect your device to the same WI-Fi network as your Windows 10 computer.
  2.   Open the setting app on your device and go to the “connections” section.
  3.   Tap the “Project” option and select “Available Everywhere” from the list of options.
  4.   Open the Action Center by clicking the icon in the taskbar.
  5.   Click the “Connect” button and select your device from the list of available devices.

Windows 10 Shortcut Projection Key:

Did you know that the Windows key on your keyboard can do more than open the Start menu? You can use this as a shortcut to display your projector screen on your TV.

To mirror your screen with the Windows key, simply press and hold the Windows key, then press the P key. This will bring up the Projection menu, where you can select how you want your screen to be displayed.

If you have multiple monitors connected to your computer, you can use the Windows key + P shortcut to quickly select which monitor you want to display your content on.

So if you’re giving a presentation or working on a project that requires multiple screens, the Windows key + P shortcut is a quick and easy way to get everything set up.

Use a Mirror in Windows 10 To turn on the mirror:

Click the Windows button on the keyboard and choose Settings. In the Settings menu, click Devices > Mouse and Pen. Click the mouse icon and select the Mirroring option.

Click the arrow just next to the Mirroring option and select “On option.” The mirroring screen will appear when you move your cursor over the mirror icon.

You can also open the mirroring screen by clicking the “Mirror” icon. The taskbar is the area of the screen that has your applications.

FAQs |windows Mirror Screen Shortcuts

How Do I Mirror My Windows Screen?

In order to mirror your screen, you need to connect a second monitor to your computer using a USB-C to VGA adapter or HDMI cable. Once you have done this, Windows 10 will recognize your second Display as an additional screen on your primary one.

You can use the mouse and keyboard to move between both displays. The task view feature can quickly switch between the two screens. This feature is located at the bottom of the screen. It will display icons for each open program, but you can also drag the mouse over the icons to access different applications.

What Is the Shortcut Key for a Mirror?

Screen mirroring is a very useful feature of windows that is mostly used on daily basis. If you want to know how to access your desktop, you can use the following shortcuts.

Just press Windows Key + P to see all your options on the right-hand side.

There are many ways to duplicate, extend, or mirror this display. You can see the desktop, the laptop, the clipboard, and the network connections.

How Do I Mirror My Windows 10 to TV?

Mirrored windows allow your desktop to be viewed on the TV using your PC. Once you have mirrored your Display, the first thing you want to do is select a desktop background that you like.

If you don’t already have one, Windows comes with an option for creating a new desktop background. To mirror your PC to the TV, click the Start menu button and type “display settings.” You should see a list of settings that relate to mirroring.


The Windows shortcut is the way to go if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to mirror your screen. Simply press the Windows key + P and select which display option you want — extend, duplicate, or projector. You can also adjust the resolution and orientation of your displays from here. Give it a try next time you need to mirror your screen.

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