Windows 7 Computer projection to TV and mobile phone tutorial

Windows 7 Computer projection to TV and mobile phone tutorial

Still in Windows 7 system friends have been suffering, because support for multi-screen interaction Windows system is WIN8/WIN10. And in the mainstream system for the WIN10 era, there will not be a company specifically to develop support WIN7 screen software. Today xiaobian will teach you WIN7 computer screen TV, mobile phone method.

Use a wireless projector. Whether it is a computer screen casting phone, mobile phone screen casting computer, computer screen casting TV a professional screen casting equipment all get.

In business, the use of wireless screen projection is relatively early. AWIND has been adhering to the wireless screen projection industry since 2003. Wireless screen projection supports compatibility with WindowsXP and Windows7/10, MAC, Linux, Android, iOS and other multi-systems.

Windows 7 computer projection TV


The Google browser comes with GoogleCast plugin, which means it doesn’t need to be installed. It usually exists after Google browser is installed. From the official website of GoogleCast, we can see that the purpose of GoogleCast is to send the contents of small screens (such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops) wirelessly to large-screen devices (googleTV and chromeCast) for playing. To sum up, it provides multi-screen interaction from small-screen devices to large-screen devices.

How to connect: open the Google browser – click on the three dots in the upper right corner – click on projection – click projection to select a projection source, select projection desktop – select the device you want projection on – done.

Windows 7 PC content is projected onto the phone


The Cracked Version of ApowerMirror is an iOS – and Android-compatible screen software that works on Windows and Mac. As long as your Android system is 5.0 or above and supports the Chromecast protocol, you can enjoy unlimited android on-screen fun. For iOS users, the app allows you to project your phone’s screen onto your computer by simply turning on AirPlay.

After you download the ApowerMirror on your computer and phone, click Run Setup – the installation is complete.

Apple users decoding key steps 】 【 the android don’t need 】 folder will crack the Apowersoft.Com mUtilities. The DLL is copied to the software installation directory, click on the file to replace target.

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