Windows 10 computer projection to the TV

Windows 10 computer projection to the TV

Today, a colleague told me, “Today I found the Win10 with wireless projection function, after playing games, watching video is not beautiful Zizi”; Then we test the group of several colleagues, at the same time to give him a roll of the eyes, he looked back and silently said 1, “I will not be the last to know that Win10 has this function”.

In fact, multi-screen interactions on our computer screens have become simpler since The Update of Windows 10, which is now part of an Miracast protocol that supports mobile phones and televisions. However, want to pass the Win10 built-in wireless screen projection function, first have to see our computer hardware support is not supported.

The best way to test Miracast on a Windows10 computer is to give it a test:

  1. 1. WIN+R keys to start “running” the program;
  2. 2. Enter “Dxdiag.exe” in the input box of “Run” program, ok;
  3. 3. Pop up the DrectX diagnostic tool and select “Yes” to start detection.
  4. 4. When the detection progress bar disappears, it means that the detection is completed and “save all information” is sent to the desktop.
  5. 5. Open the saved TXT document and edit – Find “Miracast”. If the following expression is found, the Miracast function is not supported;

【NotAvailable】Not support,【Available,withHDCP】Support.

If your computer’s hardware is not supported, then there is no way to play it. If your computer is, then the next step: turn on miracast on your TV, or watch Miracast without it.

The focus is on the computer side Settings

  1. 1. Click on the computer’s “start” – > “control panel” – > “network and Internet” – > “network and sharing center”, under the router’s name in the “view network”, a “public network”, this is Windows 7 defines a “network location type”, under this type, all kinds of sharing and discovery are closed, DLNA cannot play a role.
  2. 2. Click “Public Network” and the “Set Network Location” window will pop up, including “Home Network”, “Work Network” and “Public Network”.
  3. 3. Click On The Home Network, Windows launches the Home Group Setup Wizard and creates a Home group.
  4. 4. Open the “pictures” folder, right – click on an image, right – click menu in an additional command “play”. Click on the secondary menu that pops up and a device called “Living Room XXXX” appears (the TELEVISION Miracast protocol, which will come up in a search, has been turned on in the front).
  1. 5. Clicking on the device stopped what was playing on the TV, and soon a picture appeared on the computer.

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