Why does my device not support Miracast?, how to cast screen wirelessly?

Why does my device not support Miracast?, how to cast screen wirelessly?

If you want win10 to support miracast, you need professionals to match it and buy branded machines and assembly machines directly. There is a 99% probability that the miracast screen mirroring protocol is not supported. So win10 does not support miracast, how does the computer wirelessly cast the screen to say the meaning of this article.


Miracast is one of the three mainstream projection protocols (Miracast, Airplay, DLNA). To be precise, it is the projection protocol with the most users (Miracast screen mirroring protocol is mainly equipped with Android devices and Windows 8/10 and above, and the current TV , VR glasses, VR all-in-one machine… DLNA is an orphan on Apple devices that Airplay is mainly equipped with. The alliance has been disbanded, but it is still in use)

So: Don’t ask why the MAC I just bought this year does not support the miracast projection protocol.

Whether Windows 10 supports the detection of the miracast protocol, the detection method can be found in the article “How to make the computer support miracast”. I won’t write it anymore, otherwise it will be hundreds of words.

If win10 does not support miracast, how to wireless screen mirroring, such as Windows 10 enterprise system users (Windows 10 enterprise system does not support miracast screen projection)

Mobile phone Miracast projection computer

AWIND wireless screen mirroring device meets all your screen projection needs.

1: The computer screen is used as the screen mirroring display terminal, and the mobile phone, tablet, surface wireless screen mirroring to the computer

AWIND conference screen mirroring device conference A series comes with [anti-mirroring] function, which can easily wirelessly project the screen of mobile phones, tablets, and surface to the computer. The function comes with the device. After it is turned on, it is very simple to connect to the screen projector through the wireless screen projection function on the mobile phone, tablet, and surface.

The AWIND odd machine screen mirror educational WIPG series can also be easily realized through the sending end software MirrorOpPresenter and the receiving end software MirrorOpReceiver software.

Two: The computer is the sender, and the wireless screen is mirrored to the big screen

Computer wireless screen mirroring

The wireless screen projector is connected to the large screen via HDMI cable; just plug in the USB button on the computer or install the sender MirrorOpPresenter software.

At the same time, it is easy to mirror the screen on mobile phones, tablets, and surfaces, mainly by using the [anti-mirroring] function and MirrorOp software.

Since the establishment of AWIND in 2003, the main product of the company is a professional conference screen mirror. It supports smart phones, tablets, notebooks, desktop computers on hardware devices, and supports wireless projection of smart devices with Android, IOS, Windows, and MAC systems. Screen.

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