Which brand of wireless presentation system is easier to use?

Which brand of wireless presentation system is easier to use? 

wireless presentation system in different use environments will be different. We can roughly divide them into “home entertainment wireless presentation system ” and “commercialwireless presentation system “. Which brand of wireless presentation system works well? This article will introduce the following two methods.


01. Home entertainment wireless  presentation system

If you want to watch video and entertainment, connect to LCD TV and projector, and then download the Wireless presentation software, you can play the contents of film and television broadcasting, live broadcasting and games, support the screen projection of third-party video software, massive film and television, rich resources, and the price is generally between 100 yuan and 300 yuan. The common ones are iqiyi TV fruit and Tencent Aurora express, which are relatively cheap, but the transmission is easy to get lost and the security protection performance is poor, Not suitable for commercial office.

02. Wireless presentation  system used in enterprises and conference rooms 

If it is used in enterprises and meeting rooms, AWIND wireless presentation system is recommended. It is an old brand manufacturer with a history of 19 years. It has excellent quality and technology, complete functions, plug and play, no need to install drivers, software and wires, direct one click projection, high security performance, dense transmission process and avoid data information leakage.

AWIND wireless presentation system is also very convenient to use. As long as the receiving end is connected to the split screen, then the transmitting end is inserted into the computer, and the computer screen can be cast by pressing the button. Android phones and tablets use their own [screen sharing] or install EShow software as the transmitting end; Apple phones and tablets use their own [ screen mirroring] as the wireless presentation system of the sender.



A bout the  AWIND , u sers are more concerned problem 

  1. Is the delay high?

Overall, the delay is less than 60 milliseconds, and the delay jamming can not be seen by the naked eye.

  1. High definition?

Ensure that the output definition of 1080p can be used in most occasions at present. In special scenes, you can choose a wireless presentation device with 4K image quality output. For example, after actual testing in Foton’s exhibition hall, it can meet the real 4K output of the exhibition hall.

  1. Conference wireless sharing and collaboration

Multi plit screen output. At present, there are many output modes, such as single screen display, 2 split screen, 4 split screen, 6 split screen,9 split screen and so on; The moderator mode can support 32 people to switch pictures in turn, which can effectively promote the horizontal communication of the team in the face of large-scale multi person meetings.

  1. Safe and secure

AWIND wireless presentation system adopts hardware solution, does not occupy computer memory, can ensure the stability and fluency of wireless demonstration, does not need to download and install drivers, effectively prevents Trojan horse poisoning, and adopts international WPA2 certification protocol. There is no need to worry about data leakage or tampering in the transmission process, so as to avoid the risks of key information outflow, data theft and cracking, and ensure the safety of the screen transmission process.

If you want a wireless presentation system that can be transmitted safely and used easily in an enterprise or conference room, it’s really good to choose AWIND. The company has special online technical support and provides various wireless presentation system schemes for free. In addition, AWIND products support a 15 day free trial.

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