Which brand is better for wireless projection screen

Which brand is better for wireless projection screen

If you are looking for what brand of wireless screen projector is good? Then the editor recommends the AWIND brand wireless projection screen, we are committed to “all from the user’s point of view” as the corporate purpose, to provide users with good projection solutions and equipment, so that you can choose and use comfortably.

Which brand of wireless projection screen is good

Introduction of AWIND odd machine

Founded in 2003, AWIND is headquartered in New Taipei City, Taiwan. It focuses on the field of wireless sharing and interactive collaboration. For 16 years, it has only focused on the development and production of wireless projection equipment. At present, according to the needs of users, the products are divided into the home odd machine X series, the general meeting room odd machine A series [signal end is USB small electronics], and the wePresent series for multimedia meeting rooms and school teaching [signal end is APP software].

Features of AWIND

7-10 days free trial before the sale: According to the corporate tenet of “all from the user’s point of view”, provide suitable solutions and products according to the needs of users, and provide 7-10 days of free trial time. If the user feels satisfied, buy. Let users choose to rest assured and use comfortably.

During the user’s use, technical support free consultation: users have any questions about products or solutions, they can consult with AWIND’s online customer service for free at any time.

After-sales product problems can only be replaced without repair: AWIND promises that if the product has any quality problems within one year, we will provide after-sales service of “replacement without repair”.

Which brand is better for wireless projection screen

Which brand is better for wireless projection screen

feature of product:

1. Unlike wireless projection devices with the Android system architecture on the market, AWIND insists on independent research and development and insists on the Linux system as the underlying architecture to ensure the stability and safety of the product during use.

2. Most of the wireless projection devices on the market use USB small electronics as the signal transmitter, but the limitations of USB small electronic products [not suitable for large-scale use], the AWIND wePresent series uses the independently developed APP software as the signal The sender meets the large-scale use of multimedia conference rooms, school teaching, etc., and eliminates the needs of the current conference scene, and develops a centralized management and control suite that is easy to manage.

3. Product scalability, AWIND’s wireless projection equipment has good scalability. Through wireless device multicast and network bridging, it can meet the current complex scene applications and solve the problem for users [one-to-many projection] [ Many-to-one projection] [Many-to-many projection] requirements.

Which brand is better for wireless projection screen

Summary: Now is the era of “application is king”, the product can meet the demand is the first element, the user of the product cannot have very professional knowledge, and the complicated operation will only reduce the practical value. In the future, wireless projection equipment will be people-oriented and embody the humanized design concept. Touch control, HD and SD compatibility, and one-key management will become the main representatives of ease of use.

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