What’s a hdmi wireless presentation system for?

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What’s a hdmi wireless presentation system for?

       It is true that there is only one screen sharing function for a home wireless projector, but for a conference-level wireless presentation system, it is only the application of its basic functions. Its true significance lies in wireless sharing, collaboration and multi-screen interaction.

hdmi wireless presentation system

Multi-system compatibility, multi-screen display (basic functions of wireless presentation system)

      The wireless projection device supports smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers on the sending end hardware, and the display of smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers, projectors, all-in-one machines and LED screens on the receiving end devices ; Android, IOS, Windows, MAC and HDMI multimedia devices are supported on the system.

Wireless sharing and collaboration, multi-screen interaction

    The removal of the presentation screen equipment from the wireless home is a drawing accident, which surpasses the screen designed by the supporting frame of the other presentation screen wireless devices [common dual screen, four screen, nine screen], but the wireless presentation device passes or has [multicast] [Wireless multicast] can easily create a few more pictures [Multi-picture] [Multi-picture shooting], so as to meet the use of complex scenes in the meeting.
Multicast: Multiple wireless demonstration systems are connected in series in a local area network (LAN). When connected by a network cable, it is called wired multicast; when it is covered wirelessly, it is called wireless multicast.[One-to-many screen] [Many-to-many projection screen]: Display one or more mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, and computers on more than one large screen at the same time, and support 15 large screens at the same time), on multiple phones, tablets Simultaneous display in computers, laptops, and computers (usually 16 devices are supported, and 100 devices can be made by installing a server).

Many-to-many projection screen

Security assurance
Since the wireless presentation system is a hardware device, it does not need to sign a series of agreements to use it. Meanwhile, AWIN has developed a security protection mechanism mainly for the “business education field”.[Full open] Allow screen projection, allow access to the external network, allow access to the corporate network;[Semi-open] allows screen, but does not allow access to the company network or does not need to allow access to the 4G external network.[Not open] allows screen, but does not allow on the external network and does not allow access to the LAN.
Summary: At present, most of the users we have inquired about the function of the wireless presentation device on the network are home-level devices, while the users who really use the conference level will not tell you on the Internet, so those who need the wireless presentaition device or related scheme can directly contact the manufacturer of the wireless presentation device.

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