What technology does miracast use? What are the advantages of miracast?

What technology does miracast use? What are the advantages of miracast?

Miracast, Apple’s (Apple) AirPlay screen mirroring, WIF Alliance’s DLNA (the organization has been disbanded), although there are some other wireless screen casting protocols, but we still act with the mainstream. airplay screen mirroring has always been (Apple) own device multi-screen interaction, we are not going to Comment on it, we mainly review what are the advantages and disadvantages of Miracast wireless screen casting technology based on Android open source.

What technology does miracast use? What are the advantages of miracast

Miracast Introduction

Miracast is a Wi-Fi CERTIFIEDMiracast? certification project announced by the Wi-Fi Alliance on September 19, 2012. The protocol is built on top of other Wi-Fi Alliance base technologies, including 802.11n protocol, 802.11ac protocol, point-to-point connectivity technology Wi-FiDirect, TDLS, WPA2 encryption for security, WMM (Wi-FiMultimedia) technology to provide quality of service (QoS) and traffic management, power-saving related mechanisms, and Miracast technology specifies the use of ITU-TH.264 video coding algorithm for compression on video.

In the Miracast protocol, there are two types of connecting devices, one is the transmitter side, which is the source side (Source). The other is the receiver (Sink). The difference is that the primary receiver supports video or sound output; while the secondary receiver only supports sound output.

The advantages of Miacast are as follows.

Miracast can be used by all Android phones without additional amount of development because it is integrated by Android system. That is to say, the cell phone side does not need to install any additional APP, you can mirror the cast screen.

The main disadvantages of Miracast are as follows.

When Miracast works normally, Wi-Fi works in P2P mode, and the source side establishes a one-to-one connection with the receiver side. That is, when a device is connected to a receiver, the receiver is not visible to other devices, so it cannot cast a screen. Only when the device withdraws from the connection, other devices can cast the screen. So it is not possible to achieve the preemption function.

Miracast encapsulates the UDP transmission protocol at the bottom, and there is no strict Q&A mechanism. So in the actual use process, when encountering interference, it is easy to cause frame loss and splash screen phenomenon. And the transmission process, once the splash screen, to the guests feel very bad, now on the market, which wireless screen casting devices often appear splash screen, mosaic is the reason.

In addition, Miracast is the operating system provider, generally used on the Android system, but the Android protocol causes the phone to cast the screen without sound, this is more depressing, most users in the Android phone wireless casting screen, had to open the Bluetooth, in order to facilitate the sound cast screen over.

Miracast wireless screen casting technology at the moment the most users, but the quality is not high, mainly because Miracast because of the Android system open source, many companies use it, there is no secondary research and development, resulting in a flood of wireless screen casting devices on the market, what box, stick have.

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