What is wireless mirroring in home and how to use it?

How to use a home wireless screen mirror

Using wireless screen mirrors to show our mobile phones and computer screens on large-screen TVs and projectors, building a home theater is a relatively trendy way to play. Today, I will introduce to you how to use a home wireless projector to help you quickly Create a “home theater”.

What is wireless mirroring

Home wireless screen mirror

How to use a home wireless screen mirror

Hardware preparation: mobile phone, notebook [signal terminal]; AWIND X10 [home wireless projector], TV, projector [display screen].

Connection step tutorial

1. Connect [Home Wireless Screen Mirror] and [Display Screen] with an HDMI cable (PS: HDMI cable should be connected to the signal input port of the large screen);

2. Ensure that the mobile phone and notebook [signal end] and AWIND X10 [home wireless screen mirroring device] are in the same LAN;

3. There are many ways to mirror the screen of mobile phones and computers through AWIND wireless screen mirroring device:

How to use a home wireless screen mirror

Screen projection method 1: Android phones use the built-in [Wireless Screen Mirroring], and Apple mobile phones use the built-in [Screen Mirroring] to select the ID of the wireless screen mirroring box to quickly cast screens; laptops and PCs need to download and install our exclusive The screen projection software of the project.

Screen projection method 2: Open iQiyi, Tencent and other video apps on your mobile phone or computer, click on the projection icon [TV] or [small computer] on the playback interface, and select the ID of the wireless projection box to quickly cast the screen;

Screen projection method 3: When mirroring the local video screen, some Android phones can select the video source file and share it to the device, and select the wireless projection ID to quickly mirror the screen; the iPhone’s [Airdrop] can also be quickly linked Right-click the video source file on the computer, and select the ID of the wireless projection box to quickly project the screen.

Reminder: When using AWIND X10 to create a “home theater”, when you need to project the sound to the speaker, connect the screen mirroring box and the speaker through the 3.5MM audio cable.

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