What is the use of screen mirroring

What is the use of screen mirroring?

With the development of information technology, the way of media display is becoming more and more diversified, especially this time Win10 system has come with wireless screencasting function, through wireless screencasting technology can realize the multi-screen and interactive display of information. How to apply wireless screencasting technology to classroom teaching is already a major trend.

This paper elaborates on the limitations of existing classroom presentations, the concept of wireless screencasting technology, the construction of the teaching environment, the display, and the advantages of wireless screencasting system in order to free teachers from the scope of the three-foot podium and teach face-to-face and peer-to-peer with students, thus effectively enhancing the effectiveness of classroom teaching.

What is the use of screen mirroring

What is the use of screen mirroring?

A. The concept of wireless screencasting

Wireless screen casting is also called wireless screen, flying screen, screen sharing. Specifically, it is through a technical method of mobile devices A (such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, computers) screen “real-time” display to another device screen B (tablet, laptop, computer, TV, all-in-one machine, projector), the output content includes all kinds of media information and real-time operation screen.

At present, support for wireless screencasting technology is more mature program is Apple camp Airplay screen mirroring, WIFI Alliance Miracast protocol, and other companies DLNA push. At present, Windows 10 system update, has come with wireless screencasting function, whether it is documents, videos, or photos, as long as in the same local WIFI network environment, from screen A to screen B can be cast in just one click.


Second, the construction of the teaching environment, display

1、Wireless screen casting equipment is connected to the classroom projector, intelligent all-in-one machine and another large screen through HDMI/VGA cable, as the receiving end and display end of the image signal.

2, in order to achieve the terminal equipment, can access the Internet or school network resources can be connected to the classroom wireless router with an RJ45 network cable or connected to the router by wireless bridging to achieve the Internet function while projecting.

3, classroom teaching equipment (cell phones, tablets, laptops, computers) or multi-screen interaction, or install the signal transmitter software APP, or plug in the USB transmitter interface as a signal transmitter, synchronize the teacher’s screen to the teaching display screen or student’s display screen, complete the construction of the teaching screen projection system.

Third, wireless screen projection system teaching advantages

On the basis of the multimedia classroom by integrating the existing multimedia teaching equipment, with the interactive whiteboard, the conventional multimedia classroom can be upgraded and transformed into an advanced interactive whiteboard teaching platform, which provides material assurance for teachers to carry out digital teaching and promotes the improvement of school teaching level and teaching quality.

The wireless screencasting device combines the advantages of interactive whiteboard instead of traditional blackboard and traditional teaching and provides rich and comprehensive functions for teaching by using with mutual whiteboard and computer, creating a truly new interactive classroom.

The teacher can project iPad, iPhone, Android platform tablet PC and smartphone wirelessly to the touch screen all-in-one machine, and the touch screen can be synchronized to the smartphone or tablet PC, and the tablet PC and smart phone can control the touch screen. Realize the teacher can touch the large touch screen to teach the lesson or walk around on the smartphone or tablet to tap the lesson.

What is the use of screen mirroring

The use of wireless screencasting in the current information technology class

The teacher and student interaction is free: through wireless projection so that the teacher and student courseware free lesson cast to the all-in-one electronic whiteboard, can be divided into 4 students courseware or 3 students 1 teacher at the same time display, to achieve the real free interactive teaching.

Realize multiple computers and handheld devices to switch freely without delay, because the teacher’s courseware may be on the laptop or tablet computer, you can switch multiple devices at will to project the screen teaching.

The wireless screen projection device uses the wireless bridge function to bridge with the classroom wireless AP router or connect with the wireless screen projection device by RJ45 network cable to realize the function of accessing network resources while projecting.

Using the Web slides feature, the teacher (PC/Mac with MirrorOpSender application installed) can broadcast the projected screen/slides to the participants (multiple logged-in devices) during the presentation, so that the participants can save the slides for later note-taking.

The use of wireless projection screen in the current IT classroom case shows that the school teacher teaching in a walking teaching style, in addition to increasing the attention of students in the classroom, then fixed on the podium teaching style students in the classroom effectiveness of more than 30% of the new classroom assimilation results, so the construction of digital classrooms in teachers’ schools, we actively explore the digital management model suitable for school classrooms.

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