What is the reason for not finding Apple Tv when screen mirroring?

What is the reason for not finding Apple Tv when screen mirroring?

When Apple phone cast screen TV, screen mirroring has been looking for AppleTv, can not search the device …… or search the TV but show spaced playback can not be connected. This is almost a very common phenomenon.

What is the reason for not finding Apple Tv when screen mirroring

Screen Mirror is looking for AppleTv

Screen Mirror is looking for AppleTv, why can’t I search it?

1、Not in the same LAN

If you can’t search, one situation is that the router opens AP isolation, or uses a switch, which causes not the same LAN. If you don’t believe it, you can use your phone to open a hotspot to connect to TV and test it to know.

Apple phone supports hotspot and TV connection, itself can also connect WIFI, it seems that Android phones can not.

2, the TV does not support

Some people say that only Apple TV can, the beginning of those years indeed, but slowly domestic TVs also have some brands support Airplay screen mirroring, in addition LG, Samsung, Sony and other TVs signed an agreement with Apple, 2019 most of the new models are supported, but a few years ago the TV certainly can not be searched.

3, searched, spaced play can not be connected

Can search to the TV, proving that the TV itself is supported screen mirroring, possibly because the TV system in the cast screen function is too old, not updated in time.

What is the reason for not finding Apple Tv when screen mirroring

How to cast screen TV on Apple phone

Apple phone how to cast screen TV

Apple phone, tablet screen TV casting methods are too many, such as the phone comes with screen mirroring, APP screen casting software, third-party screen casting box …… here to introduce you how to cast screen with hotspots and Apple comes with Airplay screen mirroring cast screen.

Apple’s own Airplay screen mirroring casting screen

The TV side and Apple phone in the same LAN, Apple phone Airplay screen mirroring – automatically search for devices – connected to the TV – complete mirroring screen casting.

How to cast screen to TV on Apple phone

Hotspot casting requires TV support WIFI_DISPLAY function and screen mirroring casting function

Apple phone open WIFI hotspot – TV connected to the phone hotspot – Airplay screen mirroring – connected to the TV.

Summary: screen mirroring function used in watching TV, I always feel strange, the phone screen and TV screen is synchronized, the phone screen no one can close, not to mention the power consumption, but also can not brush WeChat, the circle of friends and other, in addition to watching the TV, suddenly a text message, etc., involving privacy, especially embarrassing.

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