What is the function of wireless presentation system?

What is the function of wireless presentation system?

wireless presentation system is also called screen sharing, and it has what effect? Different wireless presentation system users or different wireless presentation system manufacturers give the answer is not the same.

Such as general users can only know  wireless presentation system mostly simple intelligent equipment such as mobile phone tablet computer screen synchronous display on the big screen While professional  wireless presentation system of enterprise will tell you that the  wireless presentation system screen sharing function is only a basic application, it more functionality is wireless share collaboration.


What is the function of wireless presentation system?


1、Realize the simultaneous input of multiple signal terminals

In the traditional wired connection, we can only display the picture of one device on one display screen, but through the  wireless presentation system, we can realize the synchronization of the picture of 1 to 9 devices on the same display screen.

2、Phone and tablet screen syncing

Under normal circumstances, we use the HDMI cable of TypeC converter head to connect the TV projector and other large screens, but the mobile phone picture cannot appear. The main reason is that not all current mobile phones support this connection mode. For example,Apple and other brand mobile phones do not support this function, and Huawei mobile phones only support this connection mode for some models.

3、Screen reverse control

Compared with wired connection, the main advantage of wireless screen projection is to support wireless anti control function. When we connect the computer, mobile phone and display screen through wired way, our operations on the display screen can not be displayed on the mobile phone and computer synchronously, while the special wireless co screen device has this screen anti control function, which can realize multi screen synchronization and improve the efficiency of conference and teaching.

4、Multi picture synchronous display in LAN

Through the [multicast] function of the wireless presentation system, we can display the screens of 1 to 4 mobile phones and computers on 15 display screens in the LAN at the same time (more can be achieved through exclusive server deployment, but not commonly used), and there is no distance limit. These display screens can be displayed in the same LAN. Compared with the traditional distributor, it has more advantages.

5、Enable multi screen interaction between screens

After using AWIND wireless presentation system, we can realize multi screen interaction between multiple screens. For example, when the computer throws the large screen, the computer screen is synchronously displayed on multiple Android phones and tablets, and users can make handwritten comments on the computer or large screen; Or when the computer screen shares a large screen, it is synchronized on an Android mobile phone and tablet. We can operate on the computer, mobile phone and touch screen, and the other two screens are displayed synchronously.

The function of wireless presentation  system is introduced here. Founded in 2003, AWIND has a history of 19 years and has a wealth of screen sharing schemes. The company has professional online technical posts to provide users with the deployment and implementation schemes of various wireless demonstration systems for free. At the same time, the company’s equipment supports 7-15 days of free trial. You are welcome to consult.

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