What is the best wireless screen mirroring device

The best wireless screen mirroring

Wireless screen mirror or wireless same screen device: It is a device that can share the picture and sound of one device on a large screen, and is a multi-screen interactive device between multiple display screens.

What is the best wireless screen mirroring device

The best wireless screen mirroring

The common situation is:

Small screen to big screen: mobile phone, computer, tablet screen to big screen [projector, business all-in-one, LED screen];

Large screen to small screen: The computer screen is projected to display on mobile phones and tablets.

From the small screen to the large screen, it is also on the other small screens: for example, display the mobile phone A on the all-in-one device B, and broadcast to the tablet and mobile phone C at the same time.

So how to choose a wireless screen mirroring device?

1. Determine what problem you want to solve?

A wireless screen mirror is to use a wireless way to solve the problem of wired connection; a wireless screen mirror is used to realize the functions that were previously implemented by wire.

2. What is the clear usage scenario? (Now and future)

In fact: Who uses the equipment when and where

For example, if it is used by leaders in meetings, the equipment design should be simple and easy to use. Moreover, the stability should be high. Leaders do not want to encounter accidents. When you have problems with the equipment in important business occasions, the loss is very huge. So, ask yourself, what is your usage scenario? Meeting rooms, classrooms, and engineering projects are still used by watching TV.

What is the best wireless screen mirroring device

3. What is the most critical factor you want?

The most important thing is the core. For example, for the same device, some people care about performance, some care about stability, and some care about picture quality…

So there are different products to meet your needs. At this time, you have to clearly know what is most important?

For example, common meeting scenarios: the most important thing is the easy-to-use and two-way control function between devices to share inspiration at will;

Teacher teaching: the most important thing is simple and easy to use, the projection screen is clear;

If there are no special requirements, it depends on whether the basic parameters of the equipment can be sufficient for your daily use, and meeting the requirements is the primary consideration.

The best wireless screen mirroring

What is the best wireless screen mirroring device?

The best wireless screen mirroring device is not that the more features the better, nor the more expensive the better, it’s not the sales data on the online store, but the user’s own point of view, the best fit.

As a non-professional user, we don’t need to think about what technology is used to realize it, nor how fast its transmission rate and how strong its penetration is. We only need to consider whether it can meet my needs. Can I be satisfied with the mirroring effect, are there any hidden dangers in security, and can I accept the price……

Founded in 2003, AWIND has been professionally engaged in wireless screen mirroring device for 16 years. Adhering to the corporate purpose of “taking everything from the user’s perspective”, we provide 7-10 days of free trial before purchase, 12 hours of online technical consultants, and support During the year, the products are only replaced and not repaired. Everything is based on the principle that it can help users solve problems, based on what users say as the criterion, and long-term development is the purpose, not a one-off sale.

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