What is a wireless presentation system? Is the connection stable?

What is a wireless presentation system? Is the connection stable ?

In the era of mobile Internet, the frequency of wireless devices is increasing, such as wireless chargers, wireless presentation system, wireless keys and mice, etc., which have brought great convenience to work and life. Wireless chargers and wireless keys and mice are relatively well known. Is the wireless demo system stable? This article will answer these questions.

1. What is a wireless presentation system ?

Wireless demo system is refers to the wireless way will our phone tablet laptop MAC DV endoscopic high pat tester and small screen smart devices in the projector screen sharing all-in-one LED large screen, such as process Within the local area network (LAN) wireless transmission for screen size screen interactive, so it is more remote transmission, cast off the yoke of the cable The wireless presentation system is such a professional screen sharing.

2. Is the wireless demonstration system stable? How to use the wireless demonstration system?

The most obvious advantage of wired connection may be its stability, but there is no need to worry about this when using wireless demonstration system. Awind wireless demonstration system can switch between 2.4G + 5G dual frequency bands. The 2.4G frequency band is universal and can pass through the wall. 5G frequency band is anti-interference and high-speed transmission. It can automatically switch according to environmental signals to give full play to the advantages of dual frequency bands.

At the same time, it also supports a variety of intelligent devices such as Android / apple / tablet / laptop, mainstream third-party video playback software on the market, conference projection, etc.

How to use the wireless demonstration system?

To AWIND wireless demonstration system for example:

1 .through HDMI cable display screen (projector all-in-one) and wireless demonstration host connection.

  1. Plug the sending end of the screen sharing device into the computer and press the screen sharing button.
  2. Android phone and tablet can share the screen through its own screen sharing function or ESHOW screen sharing software as the sender.

4 Mac uses its own screen mirroring function to share the screen.



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