What changes does the video conference system bring to enterprises

The meaning of enterprise video conference system

The role of corporate video conference system is to gather people who are scattered in different regions and at various decision-making levels in a virtual space, shorten the distance, accelerate the communication and dissemination of information and knowledge, promote teamwork, catalyze the speed of decision-making, improve work efficiency, and Significantly reduce costs.

 video conference system

video conference

The specific benefits of corporate video conferencing are reflected in these aspects:

1. Without leaving the office, you can contact colleagues, partners, suppliers and customers more frequently;

2. Special meetings can be convened quickly to discuss urgent matters and take immediate measures;

3. Realistic audio and video effects make you seem to be participating in an actual meeting;

4. By helping to save time, resources and funds, it can improve work efficiency and quality of life;

5. The use of video conferencing to optimize the corporate information communication mode can speed up information transmission, shorten the decision-making cycle and execution cycle, reduce time costs, and save internal training, recruitment, conferences and other costs;

6. Facilitate the training of new employees and increase the level of participation without increasing costs;

7. The performance of the interactive distance education application field of the advantages of video conferencing is conducted on a study trip through the Internet. Promote curriculum development. Enterprise teaching and training. Connect rural areas with educational facilities. Allow educational institutions and students to share resources. Provide access to on-site experts.

Video conferencing has many advantages and is widely used in many aspects such as remote training, interactive teaching, remote medical treatment, and remote collaboration.

 video conference system

video conference

Connection of video conference terminal and wireless video mirror

The combination of remote video conferencing terminals and wireless projection screens is a trend. For video conferencing by staring at a computer or mobile phone and staring at a large screen, the participation of participants in the meeting is completely different.

AWIND wireless video mirror has been docked with remote video conferencing systems such as Polycom, HKUST, and Cisco for a long time. With continuous technological advancement, we can almost dock with major video conferencing systems, such as DingTalk.

The AWIND wireless screen projector is a set of efficient data wireless sharing and collaboration equipment. It supports mobile phones, Pads, and PCs to share the displayed image content wirelessly. It is compatible with mainstream BYOD office equipment access and makes meetings easier. The wireless video mirror itself has a 1080P high-definition audio and video output interface [each model supports 4K output], and it can be directly connected to the auxiliary stream video input interface of the video conference terminal.

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