use of multimedia in classroom teaching

Application of Wireless sharing in Classroom Teaching

The core of the multimedia classroom is not a tablet computer, which involves cost issues. Most schools still cannot afford this kind of intelligent and efficient classroom. The combination of sub-screens and projectors are more common in traditional multimedia classrooms because there is only one screen.



There are many wireless sharing device on the market, including hardware and software equipment, wired and wireless. How to choose a suitable wireless sharing device, and what mirror method to choose for multimedia classrooms, here is a high-quality choice for you. AWIND wireless presentation system, a wireless sharing device manufacturer that only does business conference room and multimedia classroom.

一、Product performance

As a professional wireless sharing manufacturer in the field of business education, AWIND said that the clarity and fluency of the screen sharing is a bit of a loss. In real business meeting rooms and multimedia classrooms, when the presentation is stuck, or the picture is not clear, it is basically cool. What’s more, AWIND offers a 15-day free trial, so who knows how to use it in terms of performance, there is nothing to say, if it doesn’t work well, it will be returned long ago, right?

二、The wireless sharingfunction meets the current use of multimedia classrooms


Wireless sharing in education


The wireless presentation system is more suitable for the current multimedia classroom mainly in terms of functions, such as the more popular functions in the multimedia classroom:

  1. The screen is reversed and sent back: Whether it is an Android phone/tablet or a computer, the screen is projected on the touch all-in-one computer, and the teacher can directly demonstrate the operation on the big screen. This is for the traditional teachers who can only “bury their heads” in front of the computer. Teaching methods include: a big change.
  2. Multi-screen interaction: multi-screen interaction between computers, large screens, and mobile phones/tablets allows teachers to get rid of the constraints of the podium and better integrate into students.
  3. Multi-screen simultaneous display: there are more than one display screen in many classrooms, which can be easily realized through the multi-screen simultaneous display function. Make students see more clearly with more screens.
  4. Share while shooting: During the shooting process of mobile phones, DV, etc., real-time screen transfer to the big screen makes the experimental classroom instantly different
  5. Screencasting and saving: Maybe in the conference room, the screencasting saving function is not used much, but in the classroom, it is very practical to save and share the screencasting process to twitter,facebook and other platforms. On the one hand, students do not need to copy notebooks when the teacher is teaching, so that they can better keep up with the teacher’s ideas and realize the interaction between teachers and students; on the other hand, after class, students can review and understand more clearly.

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