How to use the full screen?

How to use the full screen?

Mobile wireless voting screen to the big screen is more and more popular with the users, but we only use DLNA screen of the phone, to full screen, and we are in the conference scene, most of them adopt the teaching scene image shot screen (mobile phones and large screen synchronous display) are almost unable to full screen, how a full-screen use mobile phones for screen? Today AWIND is here to help you solve the problem.

Mobile phone vertical screen presentation

AWIND has been focusing on multi-screen interaction in the field of business education since 2003. While it is compatible with multi-screen interaction of mobile phones, pads, laptops, computers, Macs and other devices, full-screen projection of mobile phones is also one of the basic needs of users.

Method 1: The wireless projection device rotates the video source from 0 to 270 degrees. By rotating the video source, the mobile phone screen is guaranteed to display in full screen on the large screen.

Method 2: Adaptive full screen. Adaptive full-screen displays are typically non-standard, with a 4:3 display ratio and a 16:9 ratio on the mobile screen, but some special displays require this adaptive full-screen display.

How to set adaptive full screen or select Angle?

First of all: Mobile phone, computer and wireless projector box in the same LAN, mobile phone or computer open the browser — enter the wireless projector IP address (on the bottom TAB) — enter the default account (Admin), enter the default password (12345678) — Settings — display — rotation Angle or adaptive full screen — save — exit.

Just to be clear: after the setup is complete, you need to restart the device to work properly.

The mobile phone has a large screen

  1. The wireless projector is connected to the large screen via an HDMI cable;
  2. The MOBILE phone is connected to the AP hotspot that comes with the wireless projector;
  3. Use the built-in wireless screen projection software for Android phones or download ESHOW app. The iPhone USES its own screen image. The ID connected to the wireless projection device (the default ID searched for is the device model) – the phone is displayed in full on the large screen.

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