Touch all-in-one screen mirroring tools and advantages

Touch all-in-one screen mirroring tools and advantages

The main advantage of all-in-one projectors is the price and operation. Price we all know that the price of business projector is very expensive, in operation, business projector is more professional, which is why in business meetings we need professional staff to debug the equipment in advance, and all-in-one machine in a broad sense is a super large Android tablet, the difference is that this large screen tablet uses a dual system running Android and Windows. Today, the strange machine editor to share with you touch all-in-one machine screen casting tools and advantages.

Touch all-in-one screen mirroring tools and advantages

Touch all-in-one machine screen mirroring tools and advantages


All-in-one machine screen mirroring tool: AWIND strange machine wePresentWiPG-1000P

The use of all-in-one machine decided that we can not just download a screencasting software on the Internet like watching TV at home, in order to be safe, touch all-in-one machine screen casting tool is generally the choice of business screen casters.

Touch all-in-one screen mirroring tools and advantages

Wireless screen thrower in the difference between a screen projector and an all-in-one machine.

When not considering wireless screen thrower, when we project the content on the computer on the all-in-one, there are two obvious improvements: one, get rid of the cable (most of the screen thrower and projector is connected by VGA cable); two, handwritten operation. The projector itself is not supported by handwriting operations and other functions, and the market support for this function are extra equipped with a handwriting function of the display.

Touch all-in-one screen mirroring tools and advantages

Touch all-in-one screen mirroring tools and advantages

WePresentWiPG-1000P screen mirroring after the all-in-one machine to improve the efficiency of the meeting

1、Free installation, no configuration, zero environment dependence, plug and play.

2、It can keep high performance transmission in easy to use: 1080p25 fps.

3、Anytime, one-touch screen sharing. Whatever the state of smart conference touch is, whether it is writing, PPT display, or the state of running large programs in Windows, you do not need to switch or start in advance, just a click, you can can use a button.

4、Transfer screen. Reverse touch to meet the needs of a variety of applications, such as paging PPT pages.

5、Reverse operation! Traditional meetings, the demonstrator is in front of the computer demonstration, but after the projection screen, we can demonstrate in front of the MFP, interactivity is more timely and more effective.

AWIND as a professional wireless screencasting equipment manufacturers, corporate purpose is in the commercial display, especially in the business meeting environment. Requirements related to the display are implemented and optimized by the device itself, no additional operation is required. wipg1000p business screen thrower it is mainly reflected in the application of wireless screen technology, fast writing technology, welcome, login and other common business scenarios. The wireless screen casting function of screen-connected devices requires no configuration, no installation, one-touch projection and zero environmental dependency. It only needs to be in the same local area network environment as the display screen to cast the screen.


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