Top 6 prentation software rankings Cast screen

Top 6 presentation software rankings
Cast screen

Screen projection technology is very important for today’s society. It is indispensable whether it is in study, work or life. At present, there are many screen projection software. Let’s introduce the five major projection screens. Software rankings


MirrorOp Presenter is a new member of the MirrorOp family. As the successor to the popular WiFi-Doc application, MirrorOp Presenter adds a built-in browser for displaying web pages and a built-in browser for sharing non-digital content (such as printed materials or even 3D physical objects) for presenters and teachers For more flexibility. It also introduces new annotation tools that can help presenters highlight or write/draw any ideas that just pop up on presentation materials.

2. Easy-to-use wireless screencasting application of Lebo. Has the unique network projection and one-click projection screen, any content on the mobile phone can be cast to the big TV screen. Such as: mobile phone games to cast TV to play; mobile phone entire network video, search and cast in TV; mobile PPT/computer screen, one-click to cast conference large screen; mobile phone music / children’s songs and dances to cast TV and other games.

3. Wukong remote control
Wukong remote control can turn your mobile phone into your portable TV set-top box remote control. It kills Xiaomi remote control, Latvia TV assistant, Ali TV assistant, universal remote control, and Variety remote control. It is the first smart TV and set-top box universal. It can connect multiple devices at the same time. . Perfect support for My Box, My TV, LeTV Box, Tmall Magic Box, Hisense TV, Skyworth TV, Tianmin Box, Mele Box, Washu Box, Meijiu, Haimeidi, Kaiboer Box, all devices only need a Wukong remote control You can do it all, switch at any time, powerful and easy to operate. In addition to the button remote control function, there is also a gesture remote control. The unique one-button start function allows you to switch applications anytime and anywhere. It also supports application tips, and you no longer need to turn pages to find frequently used applications. One-click uninstall of application management helps your box free up more storage space, and a one-click cleanup box memory function is added.

4. Extremely fast screen projection
Speedcasting is an APP developed by Shenzhen Qianhai Maojia Software Technology Co., Ltd. Dedicated to quickly putting mobile content on TV, which is convenient for users to quickly put multimedia content, such as pictures, videos, music and other media, on TV. On the terminal, the cumbersome use of U disk in the traditional mode is eliminated; at the same time, it also makes better use of the advantages of the large TV screen.

5.depending on the guest
TV is a smart TV remote control application software. Integrate remote control TV live broadcast and TV application management in one. The TV version of Seeker can turn your mobile phone into your portable TV set-top box remote control. Spike Xiaomi Remote Control, Latvia TV Assistant, Ali TV Assistant, Universal Remote Control, Variety Remote Control, multiple devices can be connected at the same time. It perfectly supports hundreds of smart TV and set-top box models.

6.9i highlights
9i Kandian is a powerful smart TV assistant, integrating mobile TV remote control, video on demand, and TV management!

The mobile phone and the TV are in the same WIFI, scan the connected device, the mobile phone can remotely control the TV, order programs, manage the TV, and enjoy the interactive fun with the TV

The above five categories are related content of the top five projection software rankings introduced by Omega. If you want to learn more about projection technology, you can continue to pay attention to our website.

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